whats a better dog caucasian ovcharka or turkish kangal?

beatley: whats a better dog caucasian ovcharka or turkish kangal?
I want a strong dog that can defend its self and have lots of courage i live up north in a big 2 acre home i need protection from and animals and robbers.

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  1. cissy says

    I had a Caucasian (now deceased) and currently have a Kangal (Anatolian Shepherd). If you decide on a flock guardian breed like a Caucasian Ovcharka or a Kangal or any other, then you absolutely need to install fencing – preferably livestock grade – or your dog will wander, acquire territory that may belong to a neighbor, cross roads and get killed, get picked up by animal control, get shot, etc. It is your responsibility to properly contain your dog.

    These guys are fabulous property guardians, but on territory (which they decide if not fenced), they can be problematic. You can socialize them to strangers and other dogs, but that would defeat the purpose for which you want them. They are also barkers; they're defensive guardians and their ferocious, incredibly loud bark and charge are their first lines of defense.IMO, fencing is an absolute must and you need to do a lot of research before you get any of these breeds. And locate a responsible breeder. If you go for cheap, you can end up with lots of health problems.

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