The quickest way to fatting my pitbull up?

Ashley S: What is the quickest way to fatting my pitbull up?
I just adopted a pitbull from the pound. And he is healthy and strong. He’s just a few pounds under weight. What is the best way to fatting him up without making sick?

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Answer by Naysaツ
Just feed what is recommended by the food you buy and he’ll put on what is needed, feed twice a day.

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  1. Gods_7 says

    People probably wont like my answer but… Table food. Dogs love it and my dogs are all very nice and healthy. People eat dog food and dogs eat people food.
    There's a lot more fat and other good things in people food. Thats why a lot of people are bigger.. If they ate dog food, they wouldn't be so large :)
    If you have some extra food on your plate, give him a little treat.. Put it in his food dish. It absolutely will not hurt him.

    GREAT JOB FOR RESCUING HIM!!! ESP a pit bull, they are never given a chance!! 2 THUMBS UP!!!!!! WONDERFUL JOB!!!!

    God bless!!

  2. blue boy says

    Give him a few cats to eat? I'm joking, no malice in it.
    Seriously though, just feed him as per normal but just a little bit extra dry food in the morning. Dogs get most of their carbs and energy from their dry food so give it an extra scoop or so. Or just give it more exercise if you're looking to beefen him up in that way.
    Hope it works out.

  3. Francie says

    Feed him regularly, eventually he'll come to the right weight. Increase portions of the food or the number of times you give it to him, both will work.

  4. youngLc says

    i know it sounds crazy but horsemeat! he will get buff and huge to protect you ;) and its lean and healthy but wait till he gets a bit older.

  5. ♥Love♥ says

    You don't want to "fatten" your dog up. Most fat is NOT healthy, it is simply excess sugars (carbs) that are stored by the pancreas.

    Feed your dog a high quality food in normal amounts, and he will slowly put on HEALTHY weight.

  6. HCXY says

    i wouldn't worry about quickly ''fattening'' up the pit bull. most food comes from donors, or money that people give… so it may not be the best food, or even consistant. i would just find a good dog brand of food that you'd like to use. and give the reccomended amt. according to the dogs weight/age. within time his weight should be just fine.

  7. bad kitty says

    Time and being a responsible owner. Excercise him on a regular basis by walking and stimulating his mind with games such as fetch. Feed him the reccomended amount of a premium dog food. Keep him on monthly heartworm and flea preventatives. Love him and provide consistent training. He will be glowing in no time.

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