The camelot or razoredge bloodline for pitbulls?

kswagg26: what does camelot or razoredge bloodline mean for pitbulls?
I know it means they’re from that bloodline, but why are those special? And im looking for a male red nose if anyone knows where i can find one. I dont fight them, just a dog lover. Thnx

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Answer by David c
check out my question is has pictures of my pitbull,

bloodline i think means they will be bigger :S?

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  1. Rosalie says

    They are just kennels that advertise a lot – meaning they raise dogs to make money.

    Pit Bulls are the most likely dogs to be euthanized any time they end up in a shelter, and there are many available for adoption. Rather than actually spending money on a dog, why not give one a chance by saving its life?

    Either go onto and select Pit Bull as the breed, and enter your zip code, or inquire at one of the many Pit bull rescue groups in the country. Spindletop in TX, as well as Bad Rap are two that may have a loving dog that needs you.

    It it unconscionable that anyone would be breeding more of these dogs – there are thousands of them everywhere, just hoping for a chance, and many can make loving pets.

  2. Angela Smith says

    Just idiots breeding ugly little hippo dogs!

    If you are intrested in a true Old Family Red Nose bred American Pit Bull Terrier with the gorgeous, classic build and all the looks, I would suggest looking into these kennels:

    And another excellent kennel that raises beautiful red Pitties (not actual OFRN lines though):

  3. XStrawberryX says

    They are of good size and build. Like red-lines
    They are so called 'perfect' pit bulls.
    Bred mainly for their looks and build. But should have good traits if they are bred properly.

    Nishe !

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