The best grooming clippers for a Bichon Friese?

Dee: What are the best grooming clippers for a Bichon Friese?
My Bichon’s hair matts so easy and is so hard to cut. Can anyone tell me the best type of professional grooming clippers to buy?

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Answer by Hathor
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  1. suzieshowdogz says

    I used Oster(sunbeam) for years. I thought they were great, but not so. They heated up, were heavy and not that smooth.

    I finally swapped to Wahl, from the advise of my blade sharpener man. I never went backwards after the switch.

    They are smooth, cool to the hand and lightweight.

    Now the clipper is one instrument, but the blades are another.
    Most Wahl/Oster blades are interchangeable.

    For a Bichon with matts, if very close to the skin, you will need a number 10 blade(this will cut very close to the skin) Once the matts are out, regularly groom with a number 8 1/2, this does not cut close to the skin, it is the next size up, it has an irregular tooth, that is not flat all over the blade. It gives a nice cut, one I prefer, leaves at least 1 1/2" fur, suitable for the summer.

    If you want more advise on clippers and grooming visit the link below. I am a retired dog groomer.

  2. cowgirl_4lyf says

    Take him or her to a professional groomer. Please don't try this at home. If she is a pelted mess then you might cut her causing her to need vet care. Also please don't try and comb the mats out this will cause skin irritation and her skin would look like uncooked hamburger meat. Also if you try to bathe her the mats will tighten up. I would HIGHLY suggest taking her to a professional groomer and let them get rid of the mats and start over. Make sure you check out the place you take your puppy to. Ask if they use cage dryers or hand dry. At my shop we only hand dry due to pets becoming over heated in cage dryers and causing death. Hope your pet feels better soon.

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