How long will it take my Bichon's shaved coat to grow back?

Oscar poscar: How long will it take my 9month old Bichon's shaved coat to grow back-?
He was a lovely fluffy Bichon but some bad matts on his legs and tummy . The Groomer did not advise me that she was going to shave him completely apart fom his head and tail. I have been so upset all day, I just want to know how long is it going to take for him to grow some kind of a coat?

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please help me someone. Many thanks

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Answer by Le Dizzehh

Hmmm. I have a big dog who was shaved completely, and all of his fur was completely restored in a few months. I'd say 2-4 months.

Answer by judy

the groomer shaved my bichon and did not tell me either. I was shocked. He had no fur at all. NO he was not matted. His fur was longer then ususal because the groomer did not cut him enough last visit and then he was gone and we could not get in. I brush him every day so he did not have matts. I will not return to this guy who is on the other side of the fence anyway. four trys and your out. My puppy is 8 months and this is my third bichon and never had this happen before. so hopeing it grows back soon.

Answer by bananacoladasmakeyou

Like humans get bad hair cuts, so do dogs. It shouldn't take long to grow back after all you should get your dog groomed every 2-3 months, so obviously it grows enough in between the cuts to be needed a new cut again. FYI it wasn't the groomers fault your dog got shaved, it was your fault for not brushing your Bichon daily to prevent mattes. In order for the groomer to feel the need to shave your dog the mattes must have been very bad. If you remember to brush your Bichon every day or other day they you should never run into a bad haircut problem like this again. Maybe take a picture of the bad shave job and hang it on your fridge to remind you to brush that puppy everyday to avoid this ugly picture from becoming reality again. Good Luck and hope it grows back fast.

Answer by Erin ♥

A dog's fur grows really quickly. The groomer shaved my Bichon completely and within a week fur was already growing back. It might take about 2-3 months for your puppy's fluffy coat to grow back.

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