Russian Male Dog Names

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borzoi boy photo

Photo Credit: Ferlinka Borzoi (Deb West)/Flickr

Here is a list of Russian male dog names (capitals for stress):


Afonya (a-FO-nya) – hypocorism for Afanasiy

Alyi (A-lyj) – scarlet

Alyosha (a-LYO-sha) – Russian name

Amur (a-MOOR) – Siberian river

Ataman (ata-MAN) – ataman, the Cossack chief

Azhur (a-ZHOOR) – lace


Baikal (baj-KAL) – lake in Siberia

Balhash (bal-HASH) – lake in Siberia

Barhat (BAR-hat) – velvet

Baron (ba-RON) – baron

Bars (BARS) – snow leopard

Bimka (BEEM-ka) – pet’s name

Bolik (BO-lik) – pet name

Bolshoi (bol-SHOI) – big

Bonya (BO-nja) – hypocorism for Boris

Boris (bo-RIS) – Russian name

Boyarin (boja-RIN) – aristocrat in medieval Russia

Buka (BOO-ka) – surly

Buyan (bu-JAN) – brawler


Chekhov (CHE-khov) – Russian writer

Chernouh (tcherno-OOH) – black eared

Chernysh (CHER-nysh) – blackie

Chingiz (chin-GIZ) – oriental name

Chum (CHOOM) – tent of skins


Danya (DA-nja) – hypocorism for Daniel

Dezik (DE-zik) – pet name

Don (DON) – Russian river

Drug (DROOG) – friend

Druzhok (dru-ZHOK) – buddy


Elisei (eli-SEJ) – Russian name

Elizar (eli-ZAR) – Russian name

Enisei (Eni-SEJ) – Siberian river


Filya (FI-lja) – clumsy, or hypocorism for Philemon

Frant (FRANT) – dandy

Funtik (FOON-tik) – hypocorism for pound

Fyodor (FJO-dor) – Russian name


Gagarin (ga-GA-rin) – the family name of the first man in space.

Gordyi (GOR-dyj) – proud

Gosha (GO-sha) – hypocorism for Georgiy

Graf (GRAF) – count

Grom (GROM) – thunder

Groznyi (GROZ-nyj) – terrible


Han – (HAN) – khan


Ilya (i-LYA) – Russian name

Ilyusha (i-LJOO-sha) – hypocorism for Ilya

Indus (in-DOOS) – Hindu man

Irtysh (ir-TYSH) – lake in Siberia

Ivan (ee-VAN) – Russian name

Izyum (ee-ZYUM) – raisins


Kagor (ka-GOR) – sort of vine

Kalif (ka-LIF) – caliph

Kapitan (ka-pi-TAN) – captain

Kashmir (kash-MIR) – Kashmir

Kazak (ka-ZAK) – Cossack

Kazbek (kaz-BEK) – Caucasian mountain

Klim (KLIM) – Russian name

Korzhik (KOR-zhik) – cracker

Koshmarik (kosh-MA-rik) – little nightmare

Kosmos (KOS-mos) – outer space

Kubik (KOO-bik) – little cube

Kesha (KE-sha) – hypocorism for Innokentiy


Lev (LEV) – lion

Lihodei (leeho-DEJ) – evildoer

Lizun (lee-ZUN) – smooch

Lyutyi (LYOO-tyj) – fierce


Haven’t found a nice Russian male dog name yet? Read further.


Maksim (ma-KSIM) – Russian name

Malysh (ma-LYSH) – little one

Mamsik (MAM-sik) – infant

Milash (mee-LASH) – nicie

Miron (mee-RON) – Russian name

Monya (MO-nja) – pet name

Mordash (mor-DUSH) – big faced

Muhtar (MOOH-tar) – oriental name


Neman (NE-man) – Russian river

Nestor (NES-tor) – Russian name


Ohotnik (o-HOT-nik) – hunter

Ovchar (ov-CHAR) – shepherd


Pirs (PIRS) – pier

Plyushik (PLYOO-shik) – plushy

Pocelui (potse-LOOJ) – a kiss

Polkan (pol-KAN) – Russian centaur

Ponchik (PON-chik) – donut

Priboi (pri-BOJ) – breakers

Prohor (PRO-hor) – Russian name

Puf (POOF) – pouf (a seat)

Pushkin (POOSH-kin) – Russian poet

Pushok (poo-SHOK) – fluff

Pusik (POO-sik) – pet name

Puzan – (poo-ZAN) – paunchy


Rad (RAD) – Russian name

Radzha (ra-DZHA) – rajah

Rasputin (ras-POO-tin) – lover of the Russian queen

Rasstegai (ras-ste-GAJ) – Russian pastry

Ratimir (rati-MIR) – Russian name

Rebus (RE-bus) – puzzle

Romka (ROM-ka) – hypocorism for Roman

Ryzhik (RY-zhik) – ginger


Sasha (SA-sha) – hypocorism for Aleksandr

Seva (SJE-va) – hypocorism for Vsevolod

Shah (SHAH) – shah

Shaman (sha-MAN) – shaman

Sharik (SHA-rik) – little ball

Shmel (SHMEL’) – bumblebee

Slava (SLA-va) – hypocorism for Vyacheslav

Snezhok (sne-ZHOK) – snowball

Sultan (sool-TAN) – sultan


Tigrash (tee-GRASH) – tigery

Timur (tee-MUR) – oriental name

Tolstoy (tol-STOJ) – Russian writer

Tolstyak (tol-STJAK) – fatty

Tosha (TO-sha) – hypocorism for Anton

Toshka (TOSH-ka) – hypocorism for Anton

Totoshka (to-TOSH-ka) – pet name

Trubach (troo-batch) – trumpet player

Tsar (TSAR’) – Russian king

Tsygan (tsy-GAN) – Gypsy

Tuman (too-MAN) – fog

Tuzik (TOO-zik) – pet name


Ugolyok (oogo-LYOK) – small piece of coal

Ugryum (oo-GRYOOM) – gloomy

Ural (oo-RAL) Russian mountains


Varyag (va-RYAG) – Scandinavian man

Vaska (VAS’-ka) – hypocorism for Vasiliy

Velikan (velee-KAN) – giant

Venets (ve-NETS) – crown

Vernyi (VJER-nyj) – faithful

Veterok (vete-ROK) – slight wind

Vityaz (vee-TYAZ’) – knight

Vladmir (vla-DEE-mir) – Russian name

Voldai (vol-DAJ) – lake in Russia

Volnyi (vol-NYJ) – free

Vozhak (vo-ZHAK) – leader

Vyun (VJOON) – fidget


Yanychar (ya-ny-CHAR) – a Turkish soldier

Yaromir (ja-ro-MIR) – Russian name

Yaryi (JA-ryj) – violent


Zahar (za-KHAR) – Russian name

Zhigan (zhee-GAN) – swindler

Zver (ZVER’) – beast

Zvezdochet (zvezdo-TCHJOT) – stargazer

This list is not complete. Please submit other Russian male dog names to include in it.

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  1. admin says

    Hi Natalia, congratulations! Winter in Russian is feminine – Zima (zi-MA). For a boy you can use a nice name Snezhok (sne-ZHOK, “e” like in “pet”, “zh” like in “Zhivago”, “o” like in “ball”) which means a snowball.

  2. Natalia says

    Hey I am getting an Australian Shepherd that is black and tan with like a dash of winter snow. He’s really pretty. I was wondering what the Russian word for winter or snow was

  3. Angelina says

    I have two dogs, and we speak Russian. Their names are Knopka and Malysh… And it fits them very nicely, as they are very small shihtzu.
    My cousins have Kroshka (:

    • admin says

      The names are wonderful! Thank you very much for sharing small dogs’ names KNOPKA (KNOP-ka), MALYSH (ma-LYSH), and KROSHKA (KROSH-ka)!

  4. Ria says

    What would a good translation for Dragon? (Not the fat three headed one- something swift and wise.) My borzoi”s registered name is Dmitri and that unfortunately may get shortened to dimwit!


  5. Zach says

    i like the name Yuri and Dima from my favorite game series battlefield. and also artyom from the russian book/game series Metro 2033 and 2034

  6. Zilch says

    My understanding was that Russians do not give their dogs people names — that this is considered disrespectful (to the people, I guess?). Are the hypocorisms a deliberate way around this?

  7. Mark says

    Another good name is жук (dzhook, meaning beetle but usually used as a dogs name), бобик (bobeek, pet name usually dog) or лайка (laikah, meaning barking dog), гирой (geeroi, meaning hero or brave), and гиркулез (geerkulez, meaning hercules or herculean)

    • Alana says

      That’s what we are naming out Samoyed…however, my daughter looks up to him from Flyers…she’s a goalie as well.

  8. Jen says

    My male BRT is Bartak (Russian for Barthalemew or Bart)

    My female BRT is Chernushka (This means Blackie with the "ka" for term of endearment. Her call name is Nushka, though)

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