How to tell if my pitbull is pregnant?

cubbi_bear21: How can I tell if my pit bull is pregnant?
Is there any way I can tell if my pit bull is pregnant ? The 1st month without going to the doctor?

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Answer by chihuahua lady
You will not be able to tell until the 5th or 6th week. She will seem to blow up over night and her teats will get noticable larger.

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  1. tamrolson says

    My dog just had 9 pups and we were able to tell that she was pregnant by her teats they dropped at about 5-6 weeks…we were not sure if she got pregnant or not and by the time her teats dropped she only had 2 more weeks before whelping….

  2. Diamonds Are A Girls says

    Do the unborn puppies a favor and get your dog spayed right away. I am totally against abortion of any kind but there are way too many dogs at your local shelter that need homes. Please get your dog spayed and do not breed her. PLEASE

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