How to tell if a pitbull is inbred?

iliketanarus2: Is there any way to tell if a “pit bull” is inbred?
I’m interested in adopting an all-white dog from the local humane society. she looks to be a purebred american pit bull and is very sociable with humans and other animals and has undergone rigorous temperament testing.

i had an APBT until the age of 18, and it was the best dog i’ve “owned.” however, her pedigree was known and she came from a very reputable breeder.

pit bulls are famous for being inbred, a fact that causes many behavioral issues such as bipolar disorder (which leads to unprovoked attacks regardless of training).

at any rate, is there any way to find out if this dog might have a mental illness?

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Answer by 1hotmama
Seems to me like you’ve already provided the answer(s) for your own question. If she is not papered there is no for sure way to tell if she is inbred. However as you say she has undergone extensive temperament testing, you either have to take the chance or not.
Look into her eyes and make the decision.
Is she the dog for you???

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  1. mocha says

    i don't think so but she will probably be a great dog i have a staffer shire she was about 2 when we got her and she is about 8 now and she is the best i hope she lives to be 18

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