How to keep the fur white around Bichon Frise’ eyes?

Lollipop: How do you keep the fur white around the eyes of a Bichon Frise Dog?
We just inherited a purebred Bichon Frise. She’s darling. And if you know these dogs, they are pure white and look like poof balls. But around her eyes it gets stained by I guess her own eye secretions. What can we use besides shampoo (doesn’t work well) to clear it up? Something non toxic. Thanks

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Answer by buddydog2384
try baking soda and water, its non toxic just dont get any in her eyes

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  1. ChiwawaMamma says

    there ar products out there specifically for this. crystal eyes..diamond eys.. etc.. also they say terrimycin ointment you have to get it at the vet or online at they say staining is from a allergy or mild eye infection. this ointment helps.. i have chi's and some of them have the eye tearage and i use all the products listed above as i show my dogs.

  2. greeneyedhawk81 says

    Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your dog's food daily. This helps to prevent tear stains. It will take time for you to notice a difference as the stains that are already there will need to wear off and grow out of her hair. These stains are extremely difficult to wash out. Good luck!

  3. ADELE K says

    here are a few suggestions: Buttermilk powder 1/2 tespoon in food daily reduces tear staining and also you can try cranberry juice in water 1 tablespoon per 2 liters water.

  4. Janet F says

    I have a Maltese. They have the same problem. 8 years ago my dog had a surgical proceedure with his eyes. They still get the secretions, but, don't stain. Ask your vet about it.

  5. den_2den says

    I have a bichon/maltese, and I used distilled water and it seemed to work, but I got tired of buying her water so I just snip it out, a friend of mine washes her dogs face a couple of times a day, good luck to you,

  6. boxmaker40 says

    I also have a Bichon Frise, and they are great dogs. mine
    is such a suck. I hold her like a baby and she has learned
    lots of tricks to. She loves her ball.
    The tear stains are due to leaking tear ducts which can be
    fixed by your vet, but I keep the hair around Lucys eyes
    short, it also helps to prevent infection. You can buy
    products for tear stains, but I had yet to find one that works.
    I would just whip her eyes as often as you can, keep it clean
    and keep the hair short around the eyes.

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