How much should a purebred Bloodhound puppy without papers cost?

Jana: How much should a pur-bred Bloodhound puppy without AKC papers cost?
I am thinking about getting a 5 year old bloodhound for my dad. He is $ 200. Is that a good price for him?

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Answer by ☆♥Freedom Writer☆♥
uh no.

For a dog that age and for one that has a questionable background i wouldn’t pay more than $ 75

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  1. BYBS sell sick puppi says

    Only if its from a shelter or rescue and the dog is spayed/neutered.. fully vaccinated, wormed, and heartwormed tested.. bonus if the dog is microchipped.

    For someone selling their dog.. that is way too high- unless the dog comes with supplies?

  2. Annazinda Crosshairs says

    BYBd junk isn’t worth spit.
    A 5yo should be free….unless it’s a top-notch performance dog.

  3. martinez.72819 says

    If the dog looks good and has good temperament-And you just want a good pet, I'd offer $ 100. dollars, I wouldn't pay more then that. Take into consideration the dog's life is half spent. Big dogs have a life span, on average is10 years old, give or take a couple years.

  4. BYB's kill 1,000,000 dogs/yr says

    Only if he’s from a legit 501c3 rescue. Otherwise, he’s worth nothing.

    Dogs should never ever be gifts. What if your dad and this dog don’t get along? What if your dad decides he’s not ready for a dog?

    5 years old isn’t exactly a puppy.

  5. Aussie mum says

    A dog should never be given as gift- You can't find someone's perfect match and generally if they haven't gotten a dog for themselves already there is a reason (be it money, time, location or so on). Buying the pet is the cheapest part of owning an animal, and no one with a lick of sense will sell you a dog to be given to someone else.
    A dog can not be called purebred without papers from a reputable registry (AKC or UKC) as there is no proof (while rare and unlikely a mix can potentially look exactly like a purebred parent, and some mixes may turn out looking like a purebred of a different breed).
    If the dog is from a reputable shelter or rescue it's fine- Anywhere else you shouldn't be paying this much for a 5 year old dog with no known history ($ 100, or less than the local shelter fee would be the limit).

  6. Marie P says

    Not much.

    Look into your local rescues/shelters.

    Make absolutely sure your dad wants a dog and if he does he can pick one out for himself.

  7. Kelle says

    It is against the law to see a dog as purebred if it doesn't have registration paper.

    It would be worth whatever someone will pay.

  8. Blaa says

    dont buy a 5 year old dog, look in your local papers /pet shop adverts for a pup you will get a nice dog for that price ask around at gun/sport shop for local breeders ,

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