How do I register a dog without papers?

Inara: How to register a dog without papers?

I have a dog that I know is purebred. The problem is that he is not registered. I have heard of a way to register a purebred that did not have papers, just as long as you can prove the dog is purebred. Does anyone know how to do this? Also, I do not care what the registry company is.
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Answer by Amerz & The Labradork
You can get an ILP registration from the AKC to compete in events excluding conformation.
If you want one for breeding purposes( to register the litter, etc), sorry but their is not one reputable registry who will register a dog without proof of ancestry. At least, I sure hope not! It would invalidate the whole purpose of registration IMO.
You should care which registry it is, because unless it is a reputable kennel club, you are just throwing money away on worthless papers.

Answer by Storm Wolf

I'm pretty sure you cannot register the dog with any legit company unless the dogs parents are papered. If the dogs parents are papered just go back to the breeder and ask them how to register the puppy.

There really isn't much point to papering a dog unless you intend to show and breed him.
My dog has half registration thru AKC and it's pretty pointless unless I want to prove she id pedigree for some reason.

Answer by durdenslabs
If you don't care about the registry then you can not guarantee that your dog is purebred. Only purebred dogs are registered with reputable registries.

You can get a DNA test done, you can go to the Amercian Canine Hybrid Association (or another crap registry like American Pet Registry, Inc) – fill out a form, send in some pictures, put parents registration #'s, and get some witness signatures saying your dog is purebred, and send money. They'll send you a paper. It won't do you any good though. People know which registries are reputable and which ones are crap and will not have anything to do with dogs/pups from the crap ones. :)

Answer by JenVT
You can't unless you have the litter papers from the owner. How will you prove he is pure bred without papers? And why would you bother to register him with an organization that is the laughing stock of the pure bred dog world? Really?

Answer by Amanda Kline
You can register though… Contiental Kennel Club, Dog Registry of America, World Kennel Club. All allow what is called foundation stock.

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  1. Belgariad says

    You would nee papers from the prior owners with the date of your pups birth and the breed of dog your pup is.

  2. Chicha says

    AKC has a program/registry specifically dedicated to purebred/mix dogs who have no registration papers or if the dog has an application but owner never sent the papers in (I opted not to register because my dog was to be spayed by request of the breeder).

    Here is the application and information you have to send in to AKC to register for a limited registration dog.

    Good Luck!

  3. white tigeress says

    Next to impossible, you have to prove a actual blood line. With register litters. Papers don't mean much. Unless you're going to show or resell the dog. I have purebred huskies and their papers have been in a lock box AKC OR CKC will not register a dog without a linage.

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