July 28, 2014

How much food should my pitbull eat?

Question by cristeena3: How much should my pitbull eat?
I feed my 7 month old pitbull IAMS puppy food. I plan to feed her that until she hits one year. On the bag it says that I should feed her 4-5 cups every meal. I think that is a little too much so I have been feeding her two cups, twice a day. Is that a good amount or should I be feeding my dog more?

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Answer by Zaire
it depends on the size you want her. How much does she way???

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  1. scarlettlove005 says:

    Depending on her size, 2 cups 2 times a day sound fine. If she is still hungry after about an hour give another 1/2 cup. Good luck with your pup! But don't over feed her either. Try maybe 1 cup 2 times daily until she reaches full size.

  2. *Sombra* says:

    Iams is crap food, she doesn't need puppy food, and 4-5 cups per meal is more than a Dane would eat.

    Find a better food, and READ the instructions.

    ADDED: I bet the instructions actually say 4/5 cup ("four-fifths") per meal.

  3. reallyitsmeyouarelookingfor says:

    Feed it one baby a day until a year old, then teenagers will do.

    I would give him two teenagers a week after 3 years old to keep his weight in check.

  4. tracypoo says:

    half a cup. or a whole cup.
    whatever floats you boat

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