How long it takes you to potty train your bichon?

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Jessi :): How long did it take you to potty train your bichon?
I have a bichon puppy. He is 9 weeks old. We take him outside to go to the bathroom at least once every hour. He always goes when we go outside. He also pees inside sometimes though. He does it without even sniffing or showing signs that he needs to go. Yes, I praise and treat him when he goes outside. I know bichons are famous for being hard to housetrain. How old was your bichon when you could safely say that he didn’t have accidents in the house?
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Answer by Blueberry19
I can’t remember.. mine was about 3 months old when we got him.. and he was peeing in the house for awhile. But i think he got trained pretty fast and started to sit by the door or whine when he needed to go out.

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  1. Louise says

    Small dogs take a little longer but if you follow easy steps you should be okay.

    You need to teach your pup to go on command. The links below will show you how but also there may be a few things you may be missing in the yard.
    1. Is the outside area small? (if it is then feeding out there and expecting him to go out there won't fly as dogs don't like to pee and poop where they eat or sleep so make sure there is plenty of room or feed him indoors then take him out straight away).
    2. Is the outside too clean? If there is not a scent of his own urine he will be less keen to go there. Try to leave it for a while (i know this is not very nice for you but it will speed things up).

    For a full yet easy plan check out

    This can be used in conjunction with crate training see
    Good luck :D

  2. Liligirl says

    My male was 10 weeks old when he was fully house broken. My female, who is now 4 1/2 was a rescue and one year old when we adopted her, (completely untrained) still has issues and accidents. Having had a rough beginning in not so nice conditions, it has been slow going but she improves every day.

  3. Sheoli says

    Well I think that it really depends on the dog. But in general, house-training is hard. My bichon girl Coco will be 1 year old on October 27th, and she still has an occasional accident. She gets super excited when she sees someone after a while and pees right there on the floor. But I guess she really can't help that. And as for taking her outside, we do that about once every 2-3 hours, and about 10-15 minutes after she eats. We also leave Puppy Pads in a corner of her room incase she needs to go and we can't take her out. It didn't take her that long to figure out that that was where she needed to go. I think it's because the room has a wooden floor and she prefers a soft surface. We use Arm & Hammer Puppy Pads. They leave a sent that makes your dog wanna go on it, and they also disguise the scent of the messes pretty well. Coco will usually pee twice on a mat and then refuses to use it again. And after she does her big job on a new mat, we throw it out. House-training Coco wasn't easy. We had to wash so many oriental rugs because of her messes, and one day my mom came to a conclusion. We bought a child gate and put it upbetween our kitchen and sun room, making Coco's room the sun room. Now since she's a small dog, this is ok. But if you have a large dog, I don't suggest that you do this. But putting Coco in her own room really kept the house cleaner, and since bichons like to feel secure, I think that it was good for her to have her own room. And there are couches for her to sleep on incase she doesn't feel like staying in her crate. But if we don't put her in her crate for the night, we leave out Puppy Pads. During the day we can just hop in and play with Coco whenever we want, and she has a good view of the kitchen, living room, doorway, and really most of the floor level, actually. The sun room is actually quite spacious, and in the morning there is alot of sun for her to bathe in. So I think she's really happy. She can go crazy in there without us having to worry. However, we take her out into the rest of the house after we know she's gone potty. That way we don't have to worry. It would be cruel to just leave her behind her gate all day. But in conclusion, house-training your dog takes time, understanding, patience, tolerance, and overall love. She picked it up gradually, I can't state an exact time, but I think that she picked up the concept after a couple of months. An occasional accident is nothing to be ashamed about, it happens. Especially with bichons.

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