How do I find out if my dog has his akc papers?

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Jessica W: How to find out if my dog has his akc papers?
Just wondering How i could find out if my dog was registered or not. The lady I got him from said yea , But said that she didn’t have the papers. Which It doens’t matter just wondering if there where someone I could call or something.

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Answer by DTB
Ask his accountant.

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  1. JEB says

    The breeder should have filled out paperwork when you purchased the dog and sent it to the AKC. They in turn will send the paperwork back to her and she should give you a copy. I would be after her for it. If the dog is registered you need the proof. You could always try getting in touch with the AKC to see if this is a reputable breeder and they should be able to tell you if the dog is registered or not.

  2. ASYA C says

    When you bought the dog they should have gave u papers on him/her verifying that it was a purebreed and you are to send those papers in to be registered w/ the akc. If not you should call the breeder to get those papers

  3. david g says

    Please spay or neuter your dog. This can be done as young as 4 months on small breeds. This will save you and your pet lots of health problems on down the road. Your pup could be AKC reg. if both the parent are the same breed and both AKC reg., since the breeder didn't offer the papers, i would let it go…just hope that the bloodline doesn't have medical problems. You can go on line to the breeds website and read about your pets special talents!!

  4. Mom_of_3 says

    Yes, you need papers. My sis just went and picked up a Puppy. She told me she had papers showing the mom and dad were certified. She is supposed to take those papers to get her dog regersirted. (I don't know where) If I were you, I'd go back to the seller and ask them what's going on, sounds a little fishy.

  5. chetco says

    AKC can tell you if he was registered, or eligible for registration if you can learn his parent's names and his date of birth.
    Otherwise, there is no way..If you get a really nice operator, she may be able to tell you if he has been registered if you know his registered name, and birthday (or even the month), but she doesn't have to, and you have to be really pleasant for her to want to help you. (she would be breaking rules) You can also email AKC from their website at…(919) 816-3908
    Best to call mid week, before 2 pm EST.

  6. Lori S says

    Call the lady back and make sure that she sent in the paper work on your dog. She would have had to have pre-registered the litter with the American Kennel Club and would have been given registration papers to give to the puppies buyer.

  7. mrsjanejetson says

    click/ or cut and paste

    fill in as much info that you have, they should be able to tell you something. but If someone is going to take the time to register the dog, they will keep the papers, she probably lied and overcharged you for your dog

  8. doldaggabuzzbuzz says

    If she didn't give you papers to sign and send in, then he isn't yet registered as an individual dog. The breeder is responsible for giving you those papers. Call her and ask her for them. If you don't get them, contact the AKC.

    A litter is registered when it is born, and the breeder is sent a form for each individual puppy to be registered. You are supposed to get that when you purchase the puppy. Then, you fill it out with your name and address, the puppy's new name, and send it in with $ 15. In a few weeks, you get the papers in the mail from the AKC. Until this happens, your dog is not registered as an individual, and technically, no one knows its parentage.

    Good luck! If you need to visit the akc, it's

  9. sheeta_gadahm says

    if it was registered the woman would have given you the papers… you need to know the names your dogs "parents" were registered as and do a search with the akc (american kennel club) and also the names of the people who owned them.

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