Good names for a female toy poodle?

Running gurl♥: What are some good names for a female toy poodle?
I am getting a toy poodle femal in the summer and I was wondering what are some good names for her that arent to common. Thank you for any cute little names. I also don’t really care what color I get. I think I might get a Apricot or white. :)
Also how does these names sound.
I am planning to find one thats cuddly, and playful.
I think Valentine (Val for short), Luna (after the moon)

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Answer by askinggirrl
snowflake,sprinkle, or cupcake!

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  1. Anonymous says

    My husband and I are planning to adopt an apricot Toy poodle this weekend and we are gonna call her "Appy" short for apricot but right now her current name is Pop-Tart (foster mom gave her) b/c she looks like a cinnamon pop-tart. Here are some other names…

    –Bon Bon

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