Good names for a female toy poodle?

Running gurl♥: What are some good names for a female toy poodle?
I am getting a toy poodle femal in the summer and I was wondering what are some good names for her that arent to common. Thank you for any cute little names. I also don’t really care what color I get. I think I might get a Apricot or white. :)
Also how does these names sound.
I am planning to find one thats cuddly, and playful.
I think Valentine (Val for short), Luna (after the moon)

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Answer by askinggirrl
snowflake,sprinkle, or cupcake!

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  1. Anonymous says

    My husband and I are planning to adopt an apricot Toy poodle this weekend and we are gonna call her "Appy" short for apricot but right now her current name is Pop-Tart (foster mom gave her) b/c she looks like a cinnamon pop-tart. Here are some other names…

    –Bon Bon

  2. arthvader says

    Chew Toy.
    Cat Food.
    Fifi fo fum (hinting that she's huge, kind of like calling a bald man Curly or an obese man Slim).

  3. Darthanion says

    Well one good name is to name it after something you love very much if not then some good dog names come from how the puppy looks or what color it is.

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