August 20, 2014

Caucasian Ovcharka

Caucasian Ovcharka headThe Caucasian Shepherd, or Caucasian Ovcharka is the most brutal Russian dog breed. It is a large, even-tempered dog with powerful and muscular body, bear-look face, deeply set oval dark eyes, round-shaped cropped ears and low carried long tail. It has a thick and water resistant double coat in shades of gray, brindle, yellow, rust, red or white (click for video). The coat may be longer or shorter depending on the region the dog comes from.

The strength and dedication of this Russian dog has made it a popular working, police and guard dog throughout Europe and the former Soviet Union states. They call it Caucasian Shepherd in Europe and Caucasian Mountain Dog in America. In Russia its name is Caucasian Ovcharka that means sheep dog in Russian.

The Caucasian ovcharka is one of the oldest mastiff-type breeds, originating from the Caucasus Mountains between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. It was used for centuries to guard flocks, kill wolves, hunt bears and protect properties against trespassers and thieves. Its type differs a little from region to region. The superior Russian Caucasian dog is a hybrid of established Caucasian types and some lines of the Central Asian dog.

During the communist era this Russian dog guarded prisoners of the Soviet Gulag camps and served as a border patrol dog along the Berlin wall. It was widely used by the Russian army’s kennels to develop new Soviet dog breeds (Russian German shepherd, Moscow dog, Russian Terrier, Russian Newfoundland, etc.). Being a fearless fighting dog, the Caucasian Ovcharka is still employed in some former Soviet republics for dog fighting, alongside with the Central Asian dog. In Europe and America the Caucasian Mountain Dog is now mostly a companion and a watchdog.

Softness and timidity are considered as serious faults for this Russian dog breed. The Caucasian dog is suspicious and aggressive towards any strangers including dog show referees. If not properly trained and socialized this vicious dog may demonstrate fierce and uncontrollable reactions (click for video). On the other hand, this Russian dog can be extremely loyal to its owner and will stand by and defend him to the very end in any situation.

The Caucasian Ovcharka can live as long as 12 years with just a few health risks, though sometimes may suffer from large-dog problems like hip dysplasia and heart conditions. Its heavy shedding coat needs occasional brushing.

Caucasian dogs fight

Owning a Russian Caucasian Shepherd is not an easy task. This independent and strong-willed dog will obey only a dominating an equally-willed owner whom it respects. Obedience training and early socialization is mandatory for this breed.

Forming a strong protective bond with its owner, the Caucasian Ovcharka would not raise other family members to the same level. It mostly suits active singles, experienced handlers as well as farmers and ranchers.

Caucasian Ovcharka Size:

Height (at the withers):

Males: Desirable height 28 – 29 inches (72-75 cm);
Minimum 26,5 inches (68 cm).

Females: Desirable height 26 – 27 inches (67-70 cm);
Minimum 25 inches (64 cm).

Larger stature is accepted, as long as conformation is harmonic.


Males: Minimum: 110 pounds (50 kg);
Females: Minimum: 99 pounds (45 kg).

Breed Names:

Caucasian Shepherd, Caucasian Mountain Dog, Caucasian dog, Russian Caucasian dog, Caucasian Ovcharka, Caucasian Mountain Shepherd, Kavkazskaya Ovcharka,  Caucasian Volkodav, Caucasian sheepdog, Caucasian Ovtcharka

Frequently asked questions about Caucasian Ovcharka

How much would a typical Caucasian mountain dog cost?

How should I be prepared for a caucasian ovcharka?

What are some of your opinions of the breed?

Why Caucasian ovcharkas have their ears cropped short?

What are some good names for Caucasian shepherds?

Can caucasian sheperd dog kill a wolf?

Do Caucasian Ovcharka dogs suffer from heat just like huskies do?

What dog food does the Caucasian Mountain Dog need?

What do you think of Caucasian Ovcharka?


Caucasian Shepherd Breed Standard is here

Find a name for your Ovcharka dog in Russian!

Learn some Russian dog commands!

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    I highly recommend Vasili. He is a professional and knows all about this breed. I bought a male and a female from him a little over 4 years ago and I now have two awesome adult CO’s. Please read all you can and listen to Vasili about these dogs. They are a very big responsibility.

  2. Robin Gifford says:

    I’m in the market for a 6 to 8 week old Caucasian Mountain Dog. Please send me information to

    Robin Gifford
    Woodgate Morgan Horse Farm
    Smithville Mo.

  3. Hi am very interested in getting a puppy how much do they usually cost are they usually good with children? Where would I get one in canada?

  4. Deborah says:

    Hello, One of these beautiful creatures was left at a rental house near a friend of mind. He is skinny but you wouldnt know it until you touched him. He is very sweet. I have brought him home and he is in a 4 ft fenced area. I have 4 other dogs with one of them my alpha dog. The Russian Shepard has a fit with the other dogs except my small yorkie/schnauser. It has only been 1 day but I feel bad to keep him closed up and not with the rest. I am giving him 2 weeks to see if I can socialize him with my other dogs. I would like to know if you have a recourse for rescues in the U.S. for this breed.

    • We appreciate what you’re doing. Unfortunately, we don’t possess information about special rescues for this kind of dogs. Maybe any rescue will be fine if you can’t keep him.

  5. Hi just wondering if anyone knows if there is a breeder in Australia for these dogs. If not where is the best place to import one if allowed and how long does it take thank you.

  6. Caucasian Ovcharka owner says:

    Thank you for your explanation.

    I just thought I had to clarify that in my previous message because in former Soviet Union the CAO and the (North) Caucasian Volkodav are unfortunately heavily being used for dog fights.
    Whilst this may sound confusing to people that are not (very) involved with the livestock guardian breeds from the former Soviet Union, the Caucasian Volkodav is a separate breed.
    Not yet recognized though and perhaps they never will get recognized as they resemble the CAO and the short-haired CO too much.
    And a lot of people over there think that’s what they basically are: a mix between the CAO and CO. While others claim they are an ancient breed.

    Caucasian Volkodavs are sometimes referred to as the North-Caucasian Volkodav as well.
    Other than having similar ancestors, they are quite different from the FCI recognized Caucasian Shepherd dog.
    Especially in character.

    So a lot of people think the Caucasian Volkodav (the breed people over there use so often use for dog fighting) and the Caucasian shepherd dog (an FCI recognized guardian breed) are one and the same, but they are not.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    • Very interesting. If you send us a small article and a couple of pictures on that we’d be glad to publish it.

    • What is the best diet for a Caucasian ovcharka dog
      (A) dry with wet dog food
      (B) raw diet dose matter what raw meat you use .

      • Dry food is always better because it’s balanced. If you use raw diet you should give your dog vitamins and other additions. Just use a high quality super premium dog food. BTW, Caucasian Ovcharka usually doesn’t eat much.

  7. hey am really intrested of buying caucasian but i stay in kenya would it be possible to get 2 pupies?and am ready to pay for transport

  8. Caucasian Ovcharka owner says:

    These are not fighting dogs !! This is a guardian breed.
    Whoever wrote the size for the Caucasian Ovcharka on this site has obviously never read the breed standard.
    Please read the official breed standard for this breed:

    • 25 to 29 inches is 63 – 74 cm, and 102 to 106 pounds is 46 – 73 kg.
      Please check the FCI standard again, it’s in centimetres not in inches.
      You can find it on this site.

      • Caucasian Ovcharka owner says:

        First of all, why did you edit my message and replaced the link I placed here with the link to the old standard?
        You do know a new standard for this breed has been issued in 2011, don’t you?
        And second of all, I’m perfectly aware of the difference between centimeters and inches.

        Thirdly, this is what it says in the Caucasian Ovcharka breed standard:

        Height at the withers:

        Males: Desirable height 72-75 cms;
        Minimum 68 cms;

        Females: Desirable height 67-70 cms;
        Minimum 64 cms.

        Larger stature is accepted, as long as conformation is harmonic.


        Males: Minimum: 50 kgs;
        Females: Minimum: 45 kgs.

        The key word here is desirable, there is no maximum height or weight for this breed. But the dog’s confirmation has to appear to be in harmony.
        RKF even prefers a slightly bigger dog, read it, it’s in Russian.

        Bigger is not always better and for me functionality and health has to come first, but don’t spread wrong info about this breed please.

        Last, but not least, I will repeat this again: Caucasian Ovcharka’s are not a fighting breed!
        They are a property, family and livestock guardian breed.

        • Thank you for your valuable input. The article has been updated.

          No one says it’s a fighting dog. The article states that Caucasian Ovcharka is fearless in fighting. It’s a guardian breed for sure.

          • George Galloway says:

            I read earlier that this breed only has one master, well I work long hours and my wife is unable to work. At the present time we have one rottie in the house and three smaller dogs in the house, all are trained by my wife and myself. As a puppy and early interaction along with training, will he or she still prefer one over the other ?

  9. Deogratiius says:


    I would like to buy young caucasian,where can i get them please

    contact me using

  10. Are there breeders in Europe?

    Because i live in Greenland, me and my family had a Bullmastiff, as our Guard dog, and we had to put it to sleep, cause of old age, it was a great dog, but in winter time it gets cold, it froze some times, so we had decide our new dog will have to do great winter time, as well as a guard dog, we have discussed about tibetan mastiff, anatolian sherperd and russian causcasian, there all great guard dogs and we really want a new dog, life is kinda empty with out a Big dog,

    I want to know are there breeders in Europe close to Denmark?

  11. It looks to me from the puppy and awkward stages that these dogs and keeshounds are related. They can not be mastiffs etc. Can anyone fill in the blanks?

    • yeah . the ovcharka is one of the most ancient of all the mastiff breeds . the ovcharka is the badass dog of the canine world . this dog has a bite force of 550 pounds per square inch . this dog is a weapon with fur . this dog has been known to kill wolves , bears , and there are tales of this dog actually taking on tigers (Siberian Tigers ). This dog aint no joke . There is only one breed of dog that rivals the ovcharka, with regards to sheer power , and that is the Kangal(Anatolian Shepherd).

  12. AshleeFreed says:

    Do Caucasian mountain dog like to dig

  13. This breed of dog is known under more names, but the most correct one is Caucasian Ovcharka. You all are invated to my site and I do thank that they benevolently allowed us to leave such comments here.

  14. Stacey Kubyn

    Esquire Caucasians

    US Breed Founders Est. 1990

  15. Caucasian Ovcharka dogs have a long history of village guarding in the mountains and continue their security tradition by protecting families and properties throughout the US. Several US breeders are land owners with dogs guarding their property. The breed adapted to the many climatic conditions of the former Soviet Union and are now thriving in most of the 50 US states. Showing currently is through rare breed exhibitions and the United Kennel Club, and is not detrimental to territorial guarding ability. Prices reflect breeder commitment to temperament and health, the costs of xraying of breeding stock and testing for genetic problems such as hypothyroidism, and the costs of frequently imported breeding stock to maintain genetic diversity.

  16. One important comment to the article. The Caucasian Ovcharka is not a mastiff, but a molosser.

    • Thank you for your comment. "Mastiff-type" doesn't mean the mastiff itself :) The Caucasian Ovcharka is the molosser for sure.

  17. We imported the first Caucasian Owcharka's into Canada, in the early 1990's.

    Our farm is large, and is totally suited for the breed. This is NOT a breed to be had in extremely hot weather, unless the dog is able to find it's own comfort place in the shade, with water. This is not a breed to be kept in a City environment, neither apartment or house. This is also not a breed for novice dog owners. They are strong willed dogs and their training has to be "just right".

    Unfortunately the breed has now been extensively shown in Europe and we've seen them in some dogshows in N. America also. This spells the end of the breed as it was meant to be. Caucasian Owcharka's are meant to be free/loose on their property, be guard dogs, be tolerant of other beings ( human and 4-footed kinds) they know, but not tolerant of others ( both 2 and 4-footed).

    We have looked at many North American kennels, and have yet to find any that are actually using the dogs for which they are meant to be. We have found a number who charge exorbitant prices for the dogs, as if that will guarantee a good owner! We have found a number who recommend them as "pets:"

    All of this is now leading us to as the question: Does anyone know of breeders in the Republic of Georga and Kazakstan or the contact information for their respective kennel clubs?

    Pls. reply to this message if you do? Thanks

    • Looking at these questions on this feed I have to say you are so right! “What kind of shampoo do you use on them?” Was just one idiot question. AKC status is almost a death knell for a breed. We have an Australian cattle dog, or Queensland heeler, he is the correct size for the breed and possesses all of the traits, as per Australian standards. But people always stop us and ask what he is. Why because the AKC has led to a breeding of very small ( even psychotic heelers) here in the US. He is also a breed that does not belong in the city! And while tolerant of others, he is also a guard dog, when he tells you not to cross the property line, please don’t. He actually knows the exact points where the house boundary line ends ( Two acres out), imagine a dog like that trying to live in the city.

  18. ashleefreed says:

    what kind of dog shampoo can you use oncaucasian mountain dog ?

    what kind of flea and trick stuff can you put on it ?

    what kind of dog brush can i use on the dog ?

    • ashleefreed: If you are asking these basic questions, I suggest you begin your journey with an easier type of dominant large-breed dog. You are not ready for an imported large-breed Russian dog, especially an extremely dominant breed dog with a huge and powerful puppy muzzle. Oh yes, puppies can cause hairline fractures to one’s forearms! If you have no idea what to use or how to mix the shampoos, using dish detergent to break down the dirt and oil in the dog’s coat, you are not ready for a Russian dog. Yes, you can mat a Caucasian shepherd dog’s coat by using the wrong shampoos. You need to contact a distributor like Cherrybrook is located in northern NJ and caters to novices as well as professionals. They can help you with everything. But they will agree, you are not ready for a large, very dominant Russian import. I would first recommend a Dutch or Norweigian imported big-boned, male Bouvier with lots of temperament – the more the merrier, which will require joining a training club to ultimately prepare you for that imported Caucasian. Bouviers can get along with all types of breeds of dogs, so that Bouvier is your teacher and teacher’s aide. With a big-boned male Bouvier imported from Holland, you will learn how to bathe and fully groom a dog, including stripping a dog’s coat. Everything you need to know about feeding, grooming, training, and whatever, this one dominant male Bouvier will inevitably lead you on your journey. I would suggest the traditional old-fashioned German shepherd dog as a guide to learning what you need, but those dogs are now extinct. If you prefer, you may want to look into the Romanian Mioritic shepherd dog to start your journey to learning how to care for and handle medium to long-coated herding dogs. I would not recommend the Bucovina for an inexperienced dog owner. The Bouvier is the best. If a Bouvier bites, it’s not too bad. A Bouvier will not deliberately maul you to test your limits. A Black Russian Terrier imported from Russia will deliberately and repeatedly trie to maul you to test your limits. One must know how to work with a working dog. One must learn how to fully use and take advantage of a 6-foot leather leash. The leash comes in very handy, when your beast is trying to maul you or tries to kill one of the dogs in the training club. A Russian dog like the Caucasian shepherd will literally ripped the leash from your hands (once you step outdoors with your dog) to then begin mauling you. Black Russian Terriers love to jump, nip, and mouth (literally crushing the bones or your arms and shoulders). You have to first learn how to do intensive training with a belligerent, recalcitrant Bouvier. Flea and tick spray, are you kidding me? Why not just poison the dog? Do you know anything about “vaccinosis?” What kind of brush? Please! You are not ready to own a large to giant-breed dog like the Caucasian shepherd. You need to go a few notches down to a Bouvier dog. Bouviers will actually teach you. Based on your questions above, expect to take yourself to the ER and your dog to the ER at an animal hospital. Feeding a dog today is tricky business. Commercial dog foods are no good and contain poisons. You have to first learn how to prepare your dog’s meals. Do you even know how to feed a dog? Never mind the brushes and shampoos, you need to know how to feed and care for a dog’s well being. You can allows hire a grooming specialist. Let a professional groom the dog. First learn how to care for a dog’s health and well being. The dog is not there for your entertainment. You are the dog’s caretaker. Caretaker = Great Expense. Do you know how much it costs to hospitalize and treat a dog of 130 or more pounds? The bigger the dog, the more medication it requires. It takes up more space at the animal hospital. Dogs get sick — and boy do they get sick with a vengeance. Start smaller, if you want an import like a Bouvier des Flandres dog, which is much more intelligent than most dogs and really connects intellectually, emotionally, and pschologically. A good Bouvier import can outsmart and outdo any Caucasian shepherd dog. They make the German shepherd dog look and feel stupid. A male Bouvier can easily dominate and control a much larger German shepherd or Rotweiller dog. Sure the bigger dog attacks, but the male Bouvier always has the upper hand in the end. Start with a Bouvier and then work yourself up the ladder to greater challenges.

  19. To everyone who is interested in one of these dogs, I as yet have not read where any of you have asked about the disposition of the different breeds in relationship with other pets, people,area, space, or training. I raise large breed dogs, and the one thing I look for when studding out is the temperament of the male or female to be to be mated. Know what you are getting into before the task is taken on. All pet are cute when they are small.

  20. hey guys i'm just want any one tell me what is the highest temperature can Caucasian dogs live in , because i'm living in egypt and in summer tempreature can reach up-to 46 C

    • Since you live in Egypt, try asking your cousins in Israel how they keep their dogs (esp. in the summer months of June, July, August, and September). In Israel, there are millions of Russian immigrants, both Christian and Jewish. There are a lot of Black Russian Terrier dogs in Israel with a Black Russian Terrier Kennel Club and lots of competitions in Israel for the Black Russian Terrier dog. They’re directly next-door to you. There are Egyptian Muslim immigrants now living in Israel. True they are few. Nevertheless there are plenty of Israeli and Palestinian Arab dog enthusiasts. Somehow the Russian immigrants gave birth to an even greater dog enthusiasm in Israel. Israel is the place to go, if you want to own and compete with a Russian breed dog. I would strongly recommend the Black Russian Terrier dog, because it is like owning a traditional old-fashioned German shepherd dog and a Bouvier des Flandres dog in one dog’s body. Two for the price of one. By the way, the Black Russian Terrier Kennel Club in Israel holds dog shows and all-night beach parties for dogs and owners. The famous Russian dog, “Kris,” which is a 3 X World Winner champion and grand Russian champion is also an Israel Kennel Club champion dog. Apparently “Kris” and his owner went on vacation in Israel. If you have a gentle, sensitive, kind loving heart and a gorgeous Black Russian Terrier dog from Russia, which rules over your life in a positive way, the Israelis will be more than happy to share their dogs and experiences with you, insisting that you bring yourself and your BRT dog to partake in their conformation and IPO competitions. Yes, BRT dogs can do IPO (Schutzhund). Caucasian shepherds don’t compete in tracking and agility and protection like the BRT dogs of Russia. A BRT dog’s coat can be taken down, but not too much. You want the BRT dog to keep some of its elegant coat. Look into the Black Russian Terrier dogs of Russia, because hundreds of these dogs now live in Israel. Take advantage of your neighbors and cousins next-door. We won’t bite, if you don’t. Laugh!

  21. dimitris says:

    vicky is absolutelly right. theese dogs are big but no so big as the great dane .. but they have usually very wide chest and a big back so the look bigger than the are…

    even though the are not so big the are very very strong!!

    • they aren’t as tall , but they are much heavier. and they have much more body power and jaw power , and bite force .

  22. dimitris says:


    i am a happy owner of a caucasian sheep dog named ''Dias''. i live in greece.he is 72 cm tall and 58 kgr weight and 2,5 years old. he is the best dog i ever had.(i had experience with belgian and german shepperds before). very good character ,very friendly with all my relatives and friends when i am arround but very territory protective when i am not. he is very friendly with kids. i think i did good work with socializing when he was a puppy, that's why…i didn't do any special training but the dog seems to know what to do and when to do everything he has to do… especially when he has to act by him self!! he has high allert! he is very independed. all i have to do is feed him , take him to the doctor and play a few times in a week when i have the time to do it.

    if you need a guard dog , if you have a big yard in your house and you love dogs with strong and independed character , i recomend it with no fear.

    • where can i get one?

    • can you please tell me where you purchased yours?

      We breed hunting beagles, but have had Caucasians since the early 1990's. We were the first to import them into Canada.

      All the CO's in N. America are no longer the dogs they were supposed to be.

      We actually sell quite a few hunting beagles to Greece & Cyprus.

      Would reallly appreciate hearing from you

  23. OMG!!!! I want one. Woohoo I've never ever seen or heard of a Caucasian Dog. It's HEEEE-UGE. My god. I doubt if 3/4s of New Zealand has ever heard of it. I pray tho that the idiots out there who buy dogs just for fighting dont get thier filthy peuny stinking hands on one of these beautiful big wild cuddly things. WOOHOOO what a buzz it is just looking at the dog. I LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing it on fb. Geoff

  24. Ann Waters says:

    I would love to see this stood next to my little chihuahua! Does anyone know whether ther are any British breeders that breed these dogs?

  25. Tamara Follett says:

    For extensive information on this rare and majestic breed, see my website: .

    For in-depth information order my book, "Caucasian Ovcharka: The Complete Resource on this Ancient and Mysterious Guardian". At 452 pages, it is the most exhaustive volume ever published on the breed in any language and contains over 300 photos of Caucasians from around the world.  It was published in 2000 and has been sold internationally.  It is considered by the Caucasian community to be the single most comprehensive compendium available on the breed.  (ISBN # 0-9705456-0-6) It is available exclusively through ThunderHawk.

  26. hi…im egyptian livin in egypt…actually im willing to have the most furious and aggressive dog ever..and im so confused between the alabai and the caucasian ovcharka and the kangal…would u pls send me on my mail tellin me which of them will give me the most aggressivness i want..thanks alot :)

    • No dought the CAUCASIAN

    • "Furious and Aggressive" It does not seem to me that you should have a Dog !!

      • I agree with Ted Cole. You can't possibly have any good intentions in becoming a dog owner. Why would you want a "dog with the most aggressiveness"? Don't animals get a bad enough rap on their own? Ugh….have a change of heart, please.

    • I hope you never get a hold of an aggressive dog, because you are exactly why dogs get banned and bad raps. I own an aggressive dog and we work everyday to turn around the damage done to him by an owner like you.

    • I agree, you should never be allowed to own a dog…..that statement raises all kinds of RED flags regarding your intentions…….I do hope that is you do get one of these beautiful animals and try to do bad things with it, the dog ends up eating you.

  27. we ve just recently got a russian mountian dog from a rescue centre, he was seperated from his sister bella we would love to find bella and meet her or even meet another russian mountian dog in the area so he could meet them, it would also be really nice to talk to someone that also owns one for some advice as we dont know much about this breed. I hope some one can help we are in the south of the uk.

  28. Hi.

    Can you tell me any authentic breeder of caucasian ovcharka. Preferrably in ukraine or russia.

  29. Russian? if it is caucasian how can it be Russian? can this site explain ????

    russian dog is Moscow watch dog wich was made by Caucasian dogs from Georgia, and dagestan.

    there was no Russia when these dogs were doing its job in Georgia and dagestan.

    • Highlander says:

      Russia has nothing to do with these dogs and with Caucasus and Caucasus not a Russia. Dagestan never exist in the North Caucasus when these dogs appear there and origin of dogs Tibet. Caucsus dog belongs to a native, original people of the Caucasus, but Dagestand, Osetia are new comers, people from some other parts of the world, but not original Caucasian people.

  30. Good day,

    Mr innocent from Nigeria, i want to know the ears and tails of Russian Caucasian are cut off, the brief biography of the Caucasus? thanks excepting reply soon.

  31. would some one please send me or sale me a caucassian mastiff the bear looking one. i own a husky but i have been looking for one for the lasat 3years.

    • I could help you to find one in Russia(I speak russian and know a few breeders there), but I think you can find them in USA and it would be way cheaper…

  32. You are so stupid. It is just a dog.

    We are talking about the dogs, not politics.

    There was no Russians or Georgians at that time: there was god and people, no borders.

    Try to understand that.

  33. these dogs ARE NOT russian!!!

    russians just took these dogs and presented as theirs, but in Caucasian area- Georgia, Armenia etc these dogs have been living for thousands of years, long before russians even existed.

  34. russian Caucasus dogs are awsome i recently got one and i l;ove her to pieces im thinking about breading her with are wolf she is a wonderful watch dog she is wonderful to are other pets to when are cat got hit by a car she was the one who told us what happend she would clean her and try to make her pritty even though after the cat was hit it was damn ugly no matter what one thing you have to be aware of is that if you have another female dog or male dog they will fight and you will have to seperate them

  35. Caucasus in Russian is Kavkaz (kuv-KUZ). Sounds alike.

  36. I just love these dogs. When I was young I had a friend whose dad had a russian wife. Straight off the boat. And she kept telling me about a HUGE russian dog she would call a “kuf kus” or “cuf cus”. I’m not sure the correct spelling. But I was searching for this dog and I think what she may have meant was the Caucasian dog. She said she had one that could pop a regulation sized basketball in its mouth. Have you ever heard the caucasian dog called a cuf cus? Maybe thats how you say Caucasian in russian? Feel free to reply. Thank you.

    • Come on, people. Read the breed standard and you'll find this is not a HUGE dog. They don't get that big!! They may be agressive or protective, but a 105lb. dog is not that big! My great dane was 175 lbs. That HUGE dog in the pic is obviouslly a falsified picture.

      • Vicki, I have just read your post. I have a 10 month old female Caucasian and she is about 31inches at the shoulder and weighs around 130 lbs. She is not fat, I can feel her ribs. She is still growing. I have heard of male Caucasians exceeding 200 1lbs without being fat!!

    • She may have been referring to a Kuvasz (pretty sure that's not correct spelling); they're big white dogs known for being excellent shephards for livestock. From what I've heard they're pretty badass too, their name translates to "armed guard" or something like that. Who knows, may not be the same dog at all but you can check it out yourself

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