Are fighting dogs trying to kill each other?

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Soptr: When dogs are fighting are they trying to kill eachother?
If 2 dogs are fighting and they are biting eachothers throats and you cant seperate them, will they eventually stop by themselves or stop when one is dead?
Like if somebody drops a piece of food, they both look at eachother and start fighting. They are not playing.
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Answer by Tofu
depends on why they’re fighting. Aggression: yes Dominance: no

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  1. ghiomariagracia says

    well no dogs dont really want to kill each its an instinct depends on the breed but some times your dog itsnt exacly trained or the other one is not trained but no they dont want to kill each other its just a dislike so the other dog dose not want to see your dog etc. they dislike each other so if they are both yours well you can prasie them for being with one another so think about re making their ralationship

  2. Tasiedevil says

    as bad as it sounds they r trying to be the dominant one and fighting for the right to be top dog. In some cases yes dogs have been killed due to nether of the males giving in. But most of the time one of them will give up and the dog will have to be dismissive to let the other dog be leader of the pack. Some dogs r just a very dangerous breed and no matter what it will kill any dog it sees just because they want to and they have been brought up to be violent. If there is a bitch on heat then male dogs will fight for the right to mate her.

  3. Leah says

    Sounds to me like a territorial thing. Most likely, they won't kill eachother. They're just fighting over who is the alpha, which is a very common thing. They'll probably go for blood every once in a while, but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

  4. Keilan says

    It depends on the reason the fight started. And it also depends if you have 2 dominant dogs 1 dominant 1 submissive. but its not a good idea to let them go at it.

  5. Very General says

    Most fights last for only a few seconds.

    If you feel it's serious or there is blood, throw a book or something heavy to startle them. You could also throw a pitcher of water on them.

    Step between the two of them and chase the other one away.

    • Theresa says

      NEVER step in between two dogs fighting..try pulling the more aggressive dogs back legs back– which doesn't always work–or if there's two people, each person grab one dogs back legs and pull them in separate directions. This method DID NOT work for my boxer and pit bull… But if you step in between two dogs fighting, they don't really realize its YOU there–the only thing they're focused on is the other dog–so you might get seriously injured. I actually don't follow my own advice very well because when my boys got into a blood-drawing fight, my first reaction was to jump in the middle to keep them wrist got sliced open by one of their teeth as he was trying to go for the other. Ultimately, it's up to you to judge how serious the situation is and if you think you should step in the middle.

  6. al l says

    They will fight until one submits. It's not about fighting to the death it's fighting to establish social order.

  7. Jamie says

    If your dogs are biting each other necks than there's a 90% percent chance they are fighting to the death 5% chance there fighting over food and a 5% chance for food. separate immediately introduce slowly and restraint. scold when there fighting as well

  8. Bells : says


    For starters, I think it would be safe to assume that you wouldnt know the difference between playing and fighting…in dogs

    If they are really fighting…..good luck to you, your dogs…and I really have nothing else to add.

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