Stop Dog Fighting!

Dog Fighting in US

It is estimated that more than 100,000 people in the United States fight dogs. Despite the animal advocates' efforts to stop dog fighting this bloody "sport" is reported in many regions of the country. Quite recently the underground dog fighting activity came into the spotlight because of the Michael Vick’s case. This professional American football quarterback was implicated in an illegal interstate dog fighting ring that had operated over five years. His case has revealed not only the sufferings of innocent dogs but also all the ugliness of this dirty “business”.

The dogs, fighting for the spectators' entertainment and gambling, often get severe and even fatal injuries. Sometimes they die of blood loss, exhaustion, or infection. Sometimes they are killed by their pitiless owners if unable to win again in their matches.

The breeds of dogs employed in illegal dog fighting vary from traditional pit bulls to Russian fighting dogs. People who view dog fighting as a form of amusement are in fact supporting this criminal activity through their paid admission and attendance. The whole situation which harms both animals and people is demanding to completely stop dog fighting in the US.

Russian Dog Fights

Dog fighting in Russia has surged in popularity since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Laws prohibiting this activity have been passed in Moscow and some other large cities, but Russian dog fights are still widely practiced in other places. Thus, they are commonplace in the Southern regions of Russia, like Chechnya and Dagestan, where the local authorities regard the dog fighting as the “national tradition”. According to them, this "sport" has roots in conventional contests in which shepherds were testing their dogs and celebrating their wolf-fighting abilities.


The Russian dog fights usually involve massive, thick-headed Russian wolf-killers, like the famous Caucasian Mountain dog, and the Central Asian Shepherd. The All-Russian Association of Volkodavs (wolf-killers), which unites more than 1,000 owners of Russian fighting dogs, even sponsors a "national fighting championship" and holds its tournaments almost openly. On Sunday afternoons in clandestine areas outside Moscow owners place their Russian fighting dogs inside a ring, caged with chicken wire, to go one-on-one with another dog. Dozens of people watch and bet, some of them use video cameras to capture most fierce fights. Unfortunately, even children are sometimes present at these gatherings.

The legality of Russian dog fights is not quite clear. Russia's criminal code forbids cruelty to animals. On the other hand, it is quite loyal to "national traditions". Many Russians are now demanding from their government to stop dog fighting throughout the country.




  1. Ann Ha says

    Any fight involving animals is wrong! Whether it's dog, chicken, bear, horse, or bull fight! This type of barbaric cruel disgusting act should be ban! Anyone who support, contribute and participate as an organizers or spectator should be thrown in jail for a very long time and pay the heftiest fine to make an example that any cruelty and inflicting pain and agony on innocent animals should NOT be tolerated in a civilized society!!!!!!

  2. Are you serious? says

    OMG?!!??!!?!? No matter how you try, the animal cruelty war will continue with ages! I also want to stop it, but its not like waving your magic wand and every animal cruelty poofs! And like the horse fight, you said that "torturing and cruelty are not part of this" OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!

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