A good breeding age for my pit bull?

Krystel: What would a good breeding age be for my pit bull?
Hi, i have an eight month old female pit bull terrier. I know all about the breed, and would like to know others opinions. I am planning on breeding her next year around the summer time. She has already gone into heat.
just to let people know… yes i can afford her. and i know good families that can give her puppies good homes. and she is only being bred once

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Answer by Alex

Titles? Health testing? Breeding mentor?


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  1. Kelsey Jimenez says

    they say you should wait till her second period. also yes it is true there all lots of pit bulls that get put down every year. but did you also know you need the dog to have puppies at least once before she can be fixed or serious problems can occur after that like cancer. there is no right or wrong answer , if you say you have homes and are willing to spend the time to care and vet check the puppies then i say go for it. =)

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