A good breeding age for my pit bull?

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Krystel: What would a good breeding age be for my pit bull?
Hi, i have an eight month old female pit bull terrier. I know all about the breed, and would like to know others opinions. I am planning on breeding her next year around the summer time. She has already gone into heat.
just to let people know… yes i can afford her. and i know good families that can give her puppies good homes. and she is only being bred once

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Answer by Alex

Titles? Health testing? Breeding mentor?


Then this is you:

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  1. Kelsey Jimenez says

    they say you should wait till her second period. also yes it is true there all lots of pit bulls that get put down every year. but did you also know you need the dog to have puppies at least once before she can be fixed or serious problems can occur after that like cancer. there is no right or wrong answer , if you say you have homes and are willing to spend the time to care and vet check the puppies then i say go for it. =)

  2. Houlagan says

    I agree with what everyone here has said, so I will not reiterate any of it, but I have a feeling that none of it will change your mind on breeding your bitch, so… in the interest of your dog, she should be at least 24 months old before you breed her. Breeding her before she's done growing can have serious ramifications for both her and her puppies.
    Please consider what everyone here has mentioned to you. Breeding is not something to be taken lightly.

  3. pearsonclan5 says

    No age is a good age to breed your dog. Get her spayed so that she doesn't add to the over population of animals that are being put down daily. Pit Bulls are one of the most common dogs to be put to sleep, and banned. Your idea of breeding her is a very bad idea!

  4. Rayven ~ Here we Go says

    I love how you say you know about the breed but you plan on breeding before health clearances, titles and so forth are done.

    Breeding your pet quality dog even once still adds to the problem. Seriously what makes you think your dog is anywhere near the quality of oh say this bitch Or better yet will GROW to be of the same quality?

    Spay her and find something else to do with your free time.

    Kelsey: WTF kinda garbage are you spouting? Having a litter DOES NOT PREVENT CANCER. Jesus if you don't know what you are talking about don't answer questions like this.

  5. BYB's Use Small says

    Hi Krystel,

    The best breeding age for your APBT is once she's made Champion in the UKC show rings, or in the UKC competition rings for a competition event. By then, she should have had her OFA, CERF, and all other testing done for hereditary diseases. OFA hip tests can't be certified, as you know from studying under your breeding mentor, until she's 2.

    It's strange that your mentor hasn't taught you these things. Can I ask what kennel she's out of and who your mentor is that hasn't taught you such basic breeding ethics?

    With estimates running as high as 1,000,000 pit bull type dogs being killed in shelters each year, no APBT without serious titles should even consider being bred. But, you already knew that.

    If you need help, I'm sure that and http://www.bluprintkennels.com/teenapage.htm would be happy to set you straight on this and give you all the advice you need.

  6. Cassie-Dane & Bully says

    pit bulls are the number 1 euthanized dog.

    you may not think so, but I can pretty much guarantee that atleast 1 pup produced from your dog (may not be hers, but her grandpups) will be euthanized in the shelter

  7. Ralph says

    First, be sure that you have a quality dog that is worth passing along her traits to another generation. Next be sure that she has no heredity defects that shoe would pass along to her progeny. There are many things to be tested for before you breed and it can get expensive. Better yet, leave the breeding to those who know what they are doing.

  8. Anonymous says

    Did you know that there is millions of dog euthanized in shelters every year. And most of them are Pit Bulls. Please spay your dog. You don't know where those puppies will end up. Dead in shelters, in the hands of dog fighters, or worse. Besides she is not a show quality dog. Please spay her.

    Why breed her once? Don't breed her at all. If those people want Pit Bull puppies, there is plenty in shelters. I got my Pit Bull as a puppy at a shelter and 3 of his litter mates had to be euthanized. Please spay your dog. The world already has too many Pit Bulls.

  9. Dalmatian Appreciati says


    There are already too many poorly bred APBT's in shelters and rescues.

    Just spay your dog and treat her like a companion, not an ATM.

    ADD: Your friends/family want a APBT? They can go get one from a shelter/rescue. Breeding her even once contributes to the overpopulation.
    Please read articles from this site before you commit to breeding your dog: http://woodhavenlabs.com/breeding.html

    ADD @ Kelsey – WTF??? Where the hell did you get that utterly FALSE information from? B*tches DO NOT need to have a litter to prevent cancer.
    OMG the stupidity of some people amazes me.

  10. Sasha is a GSD says

    you may know about breeding but is your dog
    health check
    has won a title
    comes from good breeding lines

    ^ these are just some of the things you need to know before breeding your pitty
    can you afford to bring your dog to the vet if she needs emergency care during pregnancy are you going to vaccinate all the pups and health check them

    you may know some about it but can you afford it

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