Why is my male bulldog aggressive toward my female bulldog?

brisa: why is my male bulldog aggreasive toward my female bulldog?
I’ve had both dogs since they were born they are 1 1/2 (female) 2 years old (male) and they always got along but the last 3 weeks the male Bulldog Max has been attacking (growling, biting) the female Mimi and we can’t understand the reason. When this happens she is usually just minding her own business and it takes at least 2 people to separate their fighting. Can anyone help with some answers. Should we get him neutured?

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yes nuetering him should help with his aggression and i would also get her spayed while your at it if she is not already. hopefully this will help calm his aggression towards her.

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  1. nicey says


    Certain types of dogs have been bred specifically to be aggressive, but with the right training and socialization, environmental factors can and often do triumph over genetics. Similarly, breeds known to be gentle and easygoing can become highly aggressive if mistreated. Dog-dog aggression is treatable but nearly always requires the help of a trained professional. Doing everything you can to prevent it in the first place is a much better option. Here's more info:

  2. I <3 Cookies says

    Yes, neutered is the best way to go; my dog was once just like yours. Chasing after the mail man, and once he got so bad the mail man maced him; so my dog never liked the mail man even though it wasn't the same mail man. So we got him neutered and boy he was a whole new dog. (In a good way) So, my point is, yes get him neutered. ;) Best choice Right there.

  3. Carly S says

    Neutering should help with aggression and it's just better for the dogs in the long run. The only reason not to neuter is if you wanted to breed him, but if he has aggression issues then that wouldn't be a good idea. Neutering also stops other problem behaviors such as a male dog trying to escape from the yard because they smell a female dog in heat.
    You should talk to your vet and/or an animal behavioral specialist to get expert advice on this. It may be that he has a medical problem that is causing a change in his behavior or something.

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