How can I make my male bulldog chunky?

lula gula: How can I make my male bulldog chunky without neutering?

I have a male and female bulldog. My female is fatter than my male. the vet told he's actually at a healthy weight but he doesn't look like a bulldog should. what can I feed him? He eats Nutro natural choice.

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Answer by starrybuckaroo91

you should not try to make your bull dog gain weight, when he is over weight he will be sluggish and lazy. keep his diet like it is. actually you should start listening to your vet.... it might save you another trip to his office.

Answer by Lilypie99

and just how should a bulldog look? if he is still young, there is a good chance he will gain weight as he gets older.

but, take it from me, a chunky dog is not always a healthy dog. i have a chihuahua who is 13 pounds. she is supposed to be around 5 pounds. she has had seizures since she was very young and they have become worse in the past year, so the vet put her on phenobarbitol which also increases weight. she does not do anything except walk to the food bowl and walk outside to potty. i am very concerned about her. i have bought Light Science Diet (which she does not like, but only tolerates when there is nothing else to eat.) now that the weather is cooler here in the south, i will take her out to the park. she is 6 years old now, but if she doesn't lose some of her weight, i may not have her much longer.

so please, think about your dog's health first.

Answer by ramon

Nutro is one of the worst foods there is. They use corn gluten, wheat, soy and menadione. Good foods are Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Castor & Pollux, Merrick, Taste of the Wild, Pinnacle and Solid Gold. Almost every English Bulldog I have ever seen is overweight. Why do people think bulldogs have to be fat. This breed is being ruined. Dogs should not be fat. You are killing your dog by overfeeding.

Answer by bullyboy

Wow! i'm shocked at the comments made during this chat. I am a champion bulldog breeder and have shown many english bulldogs. Just feed the dog IAMS and allow him to exercise. He will reach his potential weight in a healthy manor. slowly change his food by mixing the two until you have fully introduced the IAMS and removed the othe food.

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  1. karabox2006 says

    get a active dog nutrition food. Look at the protein in the dog food. High protein well help him gain weight. if you can get a hold of the nutical at you vets office and mix that with his food he will gain weight. I used it on my cat and he gained weight. they make it for cats and dogs but all vets office should be able to get some form of it even calmax should help.

  2. Quinn says

    Dogs are not supposed to be overweight; especially bull dogs...bred ones often develop breathing issues & being overweight is not helpful at all. Maintaining a healthy weight is far more important to his health & longevity that "looking" like the female / like a bulldog should. Sorry, but his health should be more important to you then the $ $ he can get you from breeding with your female. If his genes are bull dog, then his healthy weight shouldn't impact his babies. Let him stay healthy, not "chunky."

  3. tera_duke says

    that is a good food. You might see if royal canine has a bulldog formula. make sure he has lots of bones and things. is he on large breed nutro.

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