Why does my labrador keep biting my older dog?

Eli Aiken: Why does my labrador keep biting my older dog on the neck?
I have a 15 week old labrador, and a 14 year old cross breed, and the puppy keeps biting the older dog on the neck and pulling the skin there. He keeps jumping on him aswell, and the poor older dog has to put up with it because no matter how many times we pull the puppy off and say NO!, he just keeps on doing it!

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because he is testing for alpha position.

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  1. LB4animals says

    Normal doggy play. Neck biting, poking with nose and paws, nipping at back legs, mounting. All fun and games. Just like all games for animals there is some skill being practiced. Neck biting is practice for catching prey and holding them until they stop struggling and also a way alphas discipline others and make them submit. Just don't let the fun get too crazy and enjoy the show.

  2. Vixen R says

    The puppy is trying to play with the dog.. If the dog doesn't like it he may give the pup a warning nip to stop it..

  3. dorothy s says

    Puppies are excitable, lovable hooligans. They have bursts of unbelievable energy, however in order to grow they need lots of sleep. New puppies need a room where they can rest and sleep and the other dogs in the house need respite. Older dogs don’t want puppies biting their ears and chewing their necks, if a puppy does this, the older dogs should be allowed to chastise the puppy. How would you cope if you were expected to cope with an unruly toddler twenty four hours a day? Would you be annoyed, if you had a toddler thrust upon you who pulled your hair and poked your eyes? I am sure that you would grumble.

    Please don’t expect your dog to cope with an unruly puppy and to baby-sit twenty four hours a day. Supervise them for SHORT play sessions in the garden and if the puppy is over exuberant, allow your dog to chastise it, then put your puppy in its own room to rest. Don’t expect your dog to want to sleep with your puppy or to play with it constantly.

    Your puppy will possibly need about four meals a day. Divide your other dog’s rations into four and feed it (or them) when you feed your puppy. Give your existing dog extra attention when the puppy is resting and make him feels special.

    There will be visitors, who want to see your puppy. When the doorbells rings, put your puppy into another room and tell your visitors to fuss your adult dog or dogs and give them treats BEFORE they make a fuss of the puppy.

    Older dogs love puppies, with the proviso that YOU stop the puppy from being a pain in the bum. They don’t want a puppy being thrust upon them all of the time. If you do this any dog will object and be confused.

  4. Crazeddoglady says

    The lab is just trying to establish his position in your 'pack'. One will become dominant, the other will submit. It's normal and natural. You just have to remind them that you are the alpha dog in the pack.

  5. Maureen M says

    It's puppy play. The older dog will let the pup know if it bothers him. My 10 yr old shepherd lets my 9 mo old lab know when she has played long enough with the biting game.

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