Why does My English Bulldog burp water back out?

chris a: Why does My English Bulldog drink water then burp it back out?
My English Bulldog, Bentley is 8 months old. When he drinks water he seems to always maybe burp then throw back up the water. What comes out is a BUNCH of saliva and some undigested food. Is he trying to drink to much way to fast? Or is it because his nose is pushed in and maybe he is sucking in a lot of air while he drinks then burpping everything out? Is his body not getting enough water?

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Answer by thornezoo
My dog does the exact same thing. Not everytime he drinks, just when he’s excited (me coming home seems to set him off). He tends to drink really fast, so I always let him take a few slops, then tell him to back off for awhile. He’s a good listener. We nicknamed him “12 tongues” because it sounds like he has 12 tongues slurping up water!

But we call them “jellyfish” because that’s what they look like. Disgusting slimy, watery burp ups.

So it’s probably normal. Try putting ice cubes in his water bowl to slow him down a bit.

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  1. Goldenly Addicted says

    It is because he is drinking way too fast & some of it is air that he has swallowed. That is why he regurgitates it out all the time. Don't give him a huge bowl of water. Just a little bit at a time. And also, be sure that you don't let him drink after he eats. Let his food go down 1st & get digested. Give him water an hour later. I have boarded a Rottie before who does this all the time! She is a such a pig when it comes to drinking.

  2. sugarash says

    The way his mouth is, bulldogs take in alot of air when they drink or eat. that is why bulldogs belch and pass gas more frequent that most breeds. If you notice him drinkin a lot of water at a fast pace, pull him back a bit so he can catch his breath. and ease him a bit. Bulldogs are easily over heated esp during the summer. So you might notice it more during hotter months.

  3. ∞CHAO§ is says

    He is drinking too much too fast. You may want to have his trachea checked out by a bulldog specialist, he could have an elongated soft palate that is causing it.

    If not then its just him drinking so much so fast. In this case you might wanna look into getting a lixit bottle this keeps them from drinking too fast. Our bullies love their lixit bottles, we also have a couple bottle convertors which are also good.

  4. KoAussie says

    Drinking too quickly and gulping down air in the process can cause a dog to regurgitate the water/food.

    Solutions: Freeze the water and allow it to melt slowly so that the dog ingests smaller amounts, more slowly

    Use a drip waterer that allows the dog to lick the spout and release a small amount at a time. This is very similar to the kind used for rabbits only larger for dogs.

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