Why does my doberman pinscher have white markings on his chest?

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CanChaser: Why does my full blooded doberman pinscher have white markings on his chest?
A doberman Pinscher puppy was given to me by my aunt nearly six years ago, and he has always had white hairs on his chest in the rough shape of a cross. He is full blooded, with papers (though my aunt has them at the moment), but I’ve never seen nor heard of another doberman with white markings on its chest.

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Answer by US soldier
Just could be a fluke in the genes i have seen a few but your right its not typical of the breed to have those markings.

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  1. ಌ DP says

    White on the chest isn't something that suggests that he is not a pure Doberman.. It happens.. They are allowed to have 1/2" square white on their chest.. Not that you want it there, but the standard accepts it because it does happen. Usually it's a few white hairs that disappear as they get older. On a well bred Dobe you usually don't see more than that.. You don't want to see some big white splash down the chest, but it doesn't mean that the dog isn't purebred..

    If the dog is otherwise excellent quality, I wouldn't not breed a dog cause of a few white hairs on the chest.. There are enough health problems and other issues with the Doberman, to discount an excellent specimen just because of a few white hairs would be silly..

  2. jordie0587 says

    Honestly, it's just bad breeding. While tiny white markings are allowed on the chest, they are not thought well of. It doesn't mean he's not purebred, just badly bred. No big deal, he's already your baby, so who cares lol.

    Nancy M, I have to agree with you on your last point.

  3. Nancy M says

    It isn't uncommon at all in a number of lines of dogs. Usually you won't see it in particularly well bred dogs since it can be a disqualification if it is larger than about a quarter so breeders tend to not want to perpetuate spots on the chest like that but it is something that simply pops up sometimes and isn't perpetuated. Since it was mentioned in the breed standard as a disqualifiction, like missing teeth, you can assume it was something that in the past was a pretty big problem — I recall seeing a number of dogs with spots on their chests and know of some fairly recent additions to the Doberman lines that have been known to through huge spots, unfortunately, but the only time I have seen white spots at all in otherwise good lines are the Helios toes – where white toes on puppies are apparent early on but they tend to disappear as the pup matures — it is a recessive that sneaks up and is attributed to a dog waaaay back called Helios.

    add: Sorry Dobermanlover6 is wrong. Dogs can be shown with small white areas and not breeding a dog with small white is silly on face given that there are issues much larger than that to be concerned with. It is rare that dogs with white spots are from decent lines but there are several lines of top winning dogs right now that produce white splashes on the chest — not lines I prefer to deal with but they are in many ring right now… anyway, white toes on puppies that disappear are not and issue and certainly not idicative of poor quality as Helios, from what the late breed expert and judge Frank Grover told me, is behind a lot of todays top lines and it is often seen, but as he said after I bred to his Marienburg/Barrierdobe male with my Maestro line bitch and got them, they just tend to happen and it isn't a 'bad' thing at all, just not acceptable to any excess and if you have all else perfect in your dog except that, toplines, rears, angulations, temperament and health, then you might want to fret over disappearing or tiny white areas on toes and chest! haha I wanna know about those dogs!! :)

    add again: ooops went and saw dl6's site/dogs and actually big white splashes would be an improvement! THAT is what a bygers site is like — lots of red flags… please learn what you are doing before continuing to make so many puppies if such poor quality…

  4. Glee says

    That is normal. It is considered a flaw in the dog, but it does happen. Papers do not make a dog show worthy. Even champion parents can throw a "pet quality" pup from time to time. You should never breed him or try to show him. But he's still a Doberman and can make you a fine pet.


    The Doberman which is given to you is not of a pure breed cause any pure breed dog doesn't have white mark on his chest

  6. dobermanlover6 says

    It is with in the standard. They can also have white toes. We dont breed to the male if we get a puppy with white on it anywhere. You can not show a puppy with white on it. If it is a pet. love it. Their is nothing wrong with it. As they get older they will get some white on them also.
    good luck.

  7. Anne says

    Well it is not show standard but it is really common in dogs with those markings as I have Yorkies and allot of them are born with the white on the chest but it goes away Very Rarely does it stay
    So why yours did I have no idea it should have faded Years ago
    But as others have said let it go just love you pup it is not a big deal
    Take Care
    Respectfully Yours

  8. Rexydoberman says

    A small white patch is acceptable by breed standards, but it should only be very minimal. Most puppies outgrow this white patch. So it is technically a fault and therefore would not be show quality. But who cares, love your pet anyway ! Just don't perpetuate this fault by breeding, etc.

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