How do you get a Doberman to gain weight?

jaronious: How to get a Doberman to gain weight?
My doberman is 2 1/2 years old. I feed him once a day. He only ways 65lbs. He is pure bred. You can still see his ribs and he seems so small. I used to feed him twice a day but that didn't help either. Any suggestions?

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Answer by buick

It's ok to see his ribs. If you can see hip bones, then you need to start worrying. In any case, go back to twice daily feedings and increase the portions a little. If the ribs are really sticking out THAT far, all he needs is 3 or 4 more pounds to smooth it out.

Answer by Ariana P

Increase his amount of food and feed him twice a day ( it seems to make them more satisfied). If you are exercising him alot maybe he is burning up more than he is taking in. Most active dogs NEED more than what is written on the label of their food. Also, check your dog food and make sure it is GOOD dog food. The ingredients should read:
1) 1st ingredients should be REAL meat, vegetables, rice, anything basically that we would eat ( but use common sense, no Chocolate, etc.)
2) Corn, wheat, and by-products should be LOW on the list ( at least 4-5th)

Feed him carrots,apples, and other veggies/fruits for treats. This helps their coat AND it might have him gain weight.

If he still doesn't gain weight, lower his exercise level ( but still get SOME exercise in) and if it still persists I would call the vet and get an appointment.

Hope he's ok


He may just be on the small size for the breed while 65 lbs is a bit on the small side for a male it is not extremely small. (Remember this is not suppose to be an overly large breed unfortunately some BYB just breed them far to large. ) You didn't mention his height (at the top of the shoulder) if he is on the short side for a male then he is probable at a good weight. At proper weight you should be able to see his ribs a bit especially while he is moving or stretched out laying down. Talk to your vet and see if he/she feels your Dobie is underweight. If so I would recommend the satin balls recipe julied referred you to. Also on a side note you should be feeding 2 meals a day regardless of his weight. Because they are a deep chested breed Dobies are prone to bloat so shouldn't be fed 2 smaller meals instead of one larger meal to reduce the risk.

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  1. khurram hasan says

    i have a doberman pinscher pure breed her name is sweeti she is female she is 4 months old she is a super protector dog and a really good duard she never let any one come near me she is a really good and i have 2 little doberman 1male(jack) and 1female(quin) they both r 2 and half months old they are white doberman pinscher pure breed i feed them trice a day and they are super protector and a realy good gurd. my name is khurram hasan

  2. julie d says
    Try this recipe for Satin Balls. I know a lot of people that use this. Actually, most of the people are Doberman people!

    Add: A male Doberman does NOT have to weigh 90 lbs. His size would have to do with genetics, bone structure, height, etc. There is NO weight standard for a Doberman...only a standard for height.

  3. Responsible pug bre says

    A male Doberman needs to be about 90 pounds, You need to feed him more, 2 times a day or more...

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