Why does my cane corso puppy Limp at 6 months?

Ezio L: Why does my cane corso Limp at 6 months?
I have a 6 month old cane corso he is very big why does he limp?

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Answer by GotNewfs?
Can be as simple as “Pano” or “growing pains”, or something bad like OCD, or hip or elbow dysplasia.

See vet for correct diagnosis.

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  1. plynn_03 says

    He may have growing pains. Big breed dogs grow at a very fast rate and sometimes their legs get sore.I would take him off of puppy food if you are feeding it to him it might help. Puppy food has extra calcium that might be causing him to grow faster than his legs can handle the added weight.

  2. court says

    my dog had such terrible growing pains around that age she couldn't walk. The vet decided it was do to her cross breeding Jack Russel/ Short Haired Collie. Her hind legs are built to bend like a Jack Russel terrier and her front legs are built like a short haired collie. She has grown to be ten now. her hips bother her on rainy days and she is getting a little slower now she is older but we give her a single aspirin (vet recommended)on her bad days.

    I would contact your vet to be sure.

  3. Leanna G says

    I have a friend with a 20 month old Newfie that has been having her dog's knees checked. The vet was getting worried about her, although the x-rays were inconclusive. She took the dog up north to a vet she used before she moved down here, and he took a look at the information and said it's most likely growing pains. Do not do surgery. Just give her painkillers to keep her comfy when she's having a rough day. We expect our dogs (especially large breeds) to do a lot of growing in a short time and it doesn't always feel good.

  4. bluebonnetgranny says

    Being a puppy he probably just strained a muscle. They get so rowdy & twist & turn & jump & run that he just probably sprang a muscle.

    A couple of my Labs did that, as well as my GSD.

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