How good is a Cane Corso as a guard dog?

Mikey J: How good of a guard dog is a Cane Corso ?
How good of a guard dog is a Cane Corso campared to say, a Doberman or Rotty?
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Answer by Ray Ray
My father breed cane corsos they are good guard dogs you just have to put the time in to it.Its not born to be a guard dog but when you train them they are the BEST Guard/Family/Play Dog ever.

Answer by J.T.

I am a proud owner of three Cane Corsos and I can testify to their abilities of protection. Last summer while my family and I were on vacation, our home was broken into along with two of our neighbors homes. When my father showed up to feed and let my Corsos out in the morning, he found the back door standing wide open and male Corso gone. Kong, my male Corso, was found playing with the neighbor's dog in her back yard. After arriving home a couple of days latter, my wife and I checked for any missing belongings, we were happy to find nothing missing except a broom and umbrella which were found out back chewed up next to the rear gate. Upon further investigation, I found a trail of blood from the back door and around the swimming pool to the rear gate, and I can say Kong had no cuts on him.

So, I'm sure you are wondering what training he had and what is his temperament, all I can say is that I treat my Corsos as family pets, this means no special training and Kong is so laid back I can't even get him to play fetch or tug of war. I watch my Corsos very closely around strangers, you must remember as a Cane Corso owner that this is not a Golden Retriver you are handling, these are serious dogs that take serious owners. I hope this helps in your decision. I know after bringing this breed into my home that there is no other dog for me.

Answer by Katie
They're good watch dogs but like others have said they're better for families rather than a big yard or such area. If your thinking of getting a Cane Corso I would suggest you do A LOT of research as you would with any breed. Check out some breeders or shelters in your area to see what they have available and such (consider adopting). See if there is a club near you and try to talk to people that have had experience with them. Go on different websites and read the breed description of course your dog won't be exactly like the standard but it'll give you an outline of what he or she could be like. Remember to use positive reinforcement training because it is the easiest and most affective way of training. Also don't just treat him like a guard dog, he should be your pet as well and live a nice happy life while protecting you as well. Hope this helps and an early congrats on your new best friend!!! :)

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  1. Dutch says

    It depends on his breeding, training and his own individual qualities...or lack thereof. The Corn I prefer to call the Rottweiler of the new century. Highly overbred & overpriced. Their quality is diminishing faster than that of the now extinct working Rottweiler. IF you somehow stumble on a good one, you'll be in the top 3% of owners.

  2. ♪Majestik moose&co says

    that depends largely on the breeding behind the dog, and the training put on the dog.
    if you get a corso that isn't from working lines, there is a very good chance that all the training in the world won't make it a manstopper, likewise, a dog from proven lines should, with the right training and handling.

    though, most dogs can be taught to give a display, even fearbags. they won't follow through on it though. if thats all you want(a dog to bark and growl), you would probably get that. if you want a dog that will engage an attacker, well, search carefully, and look for PROVEN lines, not just kennels that say their dogs will "protect" without any testing.

  3. Artchick says

    Even if your dog's temperament is gentle, the look and size will prevent someone from attacking you or breaking in your house, unless the person is insane!!

  4. Key13 says

    Really depends on how you want to use him. If its for protection for you, it will be a great choice, if its for a car lott or a area, then rotty or doberman are better. Cane corsos are ment to protect family. Hope I helped.

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