Why do my dogs always chew on my wood furniture?

Keena: Why does my lab and pitbull always chew on my wood furniture?
I have a lab and a pitbull and they are always chewing on my wood furniture? Is this a sign they are missing some kind of nutrient they are needing?

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Answer by Laura
No, it’s because you allow the bad behaviour. Stop it if you don’t like it.

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  1. nosaj says

    Destructive behavior such as chewing furniture is usually a combination of things.Too much energy,boredom and opportunity.

    The dogs need more exercise.They need alternative options like treat filled toys,etc.They also need to have their access to the furniture limited.Crates are always an option.

    I also hope the dogs are not being left together unsupervised: http://www.pitbull-chat.com/showthread.php?t=2779

  2. tgrsnpr says

    If they are puppies they are probably teething. If not they are probably bored. Do you give them toys to chew on? You could always spray bitter apple on the furniture. Doesn't harm the furniture and doesn't harm the dogs, just gives the dog a bitter taste so they stop chewing on the furniture.

  3. X says

    i've had both lab and pitts before and they love chewing especially wood they always chewed the dinning chairs it's just their breed maybe you can train them not to do it yell at them to stop or just let them continue doing it, it's just a habbit they cant really help it

  4. Mihzzs. says

    Possibly could be missing nutrients. But it also depends on how old they are, if they're young they may be getting new teeth or there might be a problem with there teeth or its just a habit of theirs. If its a habit try giving them lots of toys and keep them away from wood as much as possible.
    Hope this helps.

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