How Can I Train My Labrador Into A Guard Dog?

dazza_2k8: How Should I Train My Labrador Into A Guard Dog?
I know Labradors aren't recommended for being a guard dog, but i have heard that it can be done, i just don't know how, and you know how the internet is, all rubbish, so if any of you know how to train up a guard dog, i would appreciate it alot, if you have any links to a good website that will tell me, or if you have any good tips, it would really help. thank you. p.s if it helps, my lab is 1 year 7 months. ;)

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Answer by La Comtesse De Whippet
You need to consult with a trainer who specialises in training guard and protection dogs - doing it yourself, without any real idea of how to go about it, can be dangerous, especially if you train him to accost strangers.

Most breeds are good basic 'guard' dogs in the sense that they'll bark when they hear an intruder, and alert you. There's generally a reason why some dogs are used for guarding and some aren't - some breeds simply don't make good guard dogs, and Labs are one of those breeds.

Answer by PIjush Dey

Labs will protect their family but not as traditional guard dog
It’s hard to say without knowing what you want from a guard dog, but in my experience, even very friendly dogs display a certain amount of guarding behavior. However, if you are looking for primarily a guard dog, I think you are seeking the wrong breed. Labs are a sporting breed, very friendly (as you know…perfect for you child) and just a little bit goofy/dumb.

I have had both Golden Retrievers and Lab Retrievers, and even though they are not typical guard dogs, I believe that they both would have protected the family if they sensed a malicious intent. No…they probably won’t ever have a general agreession towards strangers, but they certainly will if they feel that there home/territory/family is being threatened in some way.

So, in essence, you would be getting a watch dog, and not a guard dog. Do you need more than that?

An online FAQ states that, “Some Labradors make excellent guard dogs and most will be protective of family with strangers, though the Labrador isn’t specifically bred as a guard dog and they are sensitive, gentle dogs overall. If your main purpose for getting a dog is for a guard dog then you would probably be better off with another breed such as the German Shepard or rottweiler.”

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  1. Forsaken says

    Don't. It's a liability risk and you will end up paying the price when your dog bites someone. There are have been cases of intruders suing a dog's owners for being bit and WINNING. Invest in an alarm system.

  2. ManitouLisa says

    You're best bet is to accept your Lab would alert you to an intruder and then roll over on his back for a tummy scratch.

    You'd have to send your dog to be trained professionally.

    The one night we were away last May someone tried to pry off our sliding glass door. Our Black Lab scared them away. Nothing was taken. The door was off its track and for several days, our Lab wouldn't even let birds land in our garden.

    At your dog's age, his protective instincts should begin. You'll have to balance between too much barking and enough. I give my dog a "Thank you" when he barks to let me know when someone is outside. After a few more barks, I may repeat "Thank you" and go to the window and let him know I've seen the person outside. If he continues I say "Settle" or "That's enough." He knows that I want the warning, but not to bark forever.

    My dog sounds horrible when he warns me someone is coming to the door, but unless they have a tennis ball or piece of pizza strapped to their head, they're safe.

  3. ginbark says

    You can not train a dog properly w/o a reputable trainer. Labs can and have been titled in Schuzthund. My Lab is a much better protection canadate then my Doberman Pinscher. He bites the armpad and will stand up to an intruder much better than the Dobe. But you must have a trained agitator to train a dog properly, Joe your neighbor will not read the dog correctly and that will screw up the dog. The protection trainers I have worked with have all required the dog is trained to at least a AKC CDX or Schuthzhund B level of control b4 teaching bite work since if you can not call your dog off say a squirrel then you won't be able to get him off a bad guy.

  4. cutetrio2002 says

    Labs aren't suited to be guard dogs. They are great for hunting, wonderful with kids and will bark for hours on end but I don't believe they can trained for guarding purposes. Our yellow lab Rio did alert me to an intruder once by simply barking her head off. She was going crazy one night and I opened the back door to tell her to be quiet and saw a man climbing over our fence. I was able to call the police in time thanks to her. I don't think if he had come over the fence that she would have done anything to him though. She probably would have rolled over hoping he would scratch her belly lol! I don't think labs have a vicious bone in their bodies.

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