Why do German Shepherd dogs “talk”?

jimexcursion: Why do German Shepherds “talk”?
I have 2 German Shepherdd and they do a lot of “talking” to each other. There really isn’t any rhyme or reason to it but it seems to happen more when they are play fighting. Any ideas?

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Answer by pathfinder
I don’t hear any communications going on when I had German Shepherds.,

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  1. julie's_GSD_kir says

    LOLOLOL…I thought I had the only one who did this! he not only "talks" when he is playing with our puppy, but he also "talks" to me! it's kinda like a whining, barking, howl and he uses different pitches. I never had a dog do this before, so I am assuming he does it to me because he is so attached to me..I call him my "velcro-dog" and he is a 95 pound baby…lol

  2. FairlyErica says

    Why do birds sing? Why do fish swim? Beats me…. GSDs tend to be vocal dogs. I've got three shepherds, and sometimes I think they're adorable and sometimes they drive me nuts. I wouldn't trade the vocalization though; it's definitely part of their charm.

  3. Questions by Kristin says

    They love conversation. They probably talk to "each other" because we humans don't understand them and they find our conversation boring and confusing. : )

  4. SImsLuVER says

    Well that is a good sign, it means they can talk to each other and that they like each other alot. Also not JUST German Shepherds talk, but i have heard that Schnauzers also talk alot too.. And my silky cross shitzu barks when i play with him, i imagine he is always telling me to throw his toy :). So yea, they just are play fighting, and they love to have a social life too. :D
    Hope this helps.

  5. kayanbean24 says

    every animal has a way of comunicating wih each other. My dogs do the same thing and if u think about it the ARE indeed having a conversation with one another. Some people understand wat their pets are saying while others jus see it as anoying. I bet dogs and other animals get anoyed with peoples talking at times. lol

  6. wild1tobe says

    I have 2 dogs who do the same thing, they're just playing. (one of mine's a 50-lb Lab, and the others a mutt that might weigh 20 lbs soaking wet) :))

  7. the.lilbg says

    Its normal.. They are playing… they are trying to show their dominance over the other. It is something that all dogs do. My German Shepperd will whine at me when i rub her belly. They are big babies hehe

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