How to make my German shepherd aggressive to strangers?

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Hashem: How to make my German shepherd aggressive towards strangers?
In the neighborhood i live in there is always a possibility of people trying to enter my home. I have a one year 9 month old German Shepherd and want him to be more aggressive towards strangers.What do i do?

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Answer by baree33090
Why would you want your dog to be a liability?!

It should be enough that he's a large, intimidating-looking breed. Do not try to train him to be stranger-aggressive. At most, if you want him to protect your home, the only thing I would recommend is teaching him to bark when he hears someone coming.

Answer by Vince

If you want Your dog to be more protective then don’t let anybody play, feed or pet your dog other then yourself. You should be the only one showing the dog any love and then the dog will naturally become protective over you. if you have family members or friends coming over then allow them to say hi to the dog just to acknowledge that they are there and your ok with it but that is it. Do not let them plAy with your dog or anything else that will show love toward your pup. You should be the ONLY ONE TO DO SO!!

Answer by royce from democratic republic of india

my gsd puppy is a female…i named her jackie , i also favour calling her Britta..sorry to gsd
lineage..i brought it from a local pet looks like a gsd..she is 3 months..i live in india ..she is very nice , and  funny..i think you should keep it solitary.

Answer by sohaib

For God's sake don't tell the man what he should or should not do. Its his Dog and his neighborhood and he knows better than us if he wants an aggressive or a playful dog. To make him aggressive keep him away from people. The least people he will see the more aggressive he will become towards strangers.

Answer by sheori

We have never ever tried to make our German shepherd aggressive. He is one of the sweatiest nicest dogs you will meet. He's great with kids and any person who comes to visit (even the UPS man who knows our dog now and gives him a treat and lets him in the truck to say hi). He loves many many people, but since he is truly part of our family (and we don't try to make him mean), he is very devoted to us.

There have been a couple times when a person has come to our house who was not supposed to be there. We heard from our neighbors one day that he bit a person who was peaking in our windows. We never had a problem like that again. He also once growled at a man I was afraid of when I was home alone and little. The man got the message and left. Our dog never attacked, since we had never taught him to be nasty, and we didn't end up in trouble for having a nasty dog.

We love our dog as much as anyone else in the family. He loves us, and is extremely intelligent and knows if he should be protective. He has only acted like that twice in his life (he is now 8), the one time nobody else was home, and the other time I was a child, alone and afraid.

Please don't try to make your dog nasty. He should know if you need help, and act to protect his family, not out of anger or fear because you tried to make him nasty. It's a very bad idea. Making a dog aggressive to strangers usually involves cruelty or mistreating your dog.

Answer by tommy

People please shut the hell up! You dont know where this person lives or how his neighborhood is. Its his dog! Damn some of you act like you are so damn perfect you prob. have a thousand skeletons in your closet! I say train him to bite the butt hole out of anybody who is trying to break into your home!

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  1. Franky says

    I had one German Shepherd that I let people come around and he was just naturally aggressive after he turned two years old., that dog couldn't go near anybody without biting. He was a great watchdog a great sense of security and I kept him controlled I miss him very much. Now I have a new dog full bred German Shepherd and he's very happy go lucky that doesn't mean by the age of two he's not going to start changing just like the other one did they are natural protective dogs they will protect the families that they love and they will protect the property that they live on.

  2. Moe says

    I have a german shepherd and he is very sweet. He is 1 year 3 month old. I recently started to face some issues with him that was not there. He recently started to damage the grass in the yard and pull out some small trees and flowers. Also he attacked a very very exapnsive chair and he torned it to pieces. Never had such an issue with him, knowing that he is trained for 7 months on obedience and barking. He is also very sweet to everyone that comes to our house but he is stubberen also ... we love him , and he is very playful// The coach told me the reason he is doing that is because i am leaving him outside without an order.. I tried giving him an order and then leave but useless.. what do you recommend me guys... please help !

  3. Rayven~Summer Troll says

    Cough up several thousand to have him evaluated by a PROFESSIONAL trainer to even see if he would be suitable for guard training. Odds are unlikely however. All YOU can do by yourself is turn your sweet pup into a four legged liability who will end up PTS because of your ignorance while you are in court fighting a lawsuit.

    And if your neighborhood is THAT bad dog or not they will still break in and kill your dog or seriously injure him in the process.

    Anyone with enough hate in them will have ZERO issue with shooting a dog or as was done to a police dog the other day leaving anti freeze out for them.

  4. Curtis M says

    Firstly, your dog is a baby. Would you expect a 9 year old kid to protect your home? Then don't expect a 9 month old puppy to.

    Secondly, I can guarantee you that your dog isn't good enough to be a protection dog. You probably bought him from some random breeder out of the paper or off the internet. German Shepherd Dogs capable of real world work only come from European working lines. These dogs are either imported from Europe or bred from European working line stock. If you don't know the difference between Backyard Bred German Shepherds, Showline, German Showline, and European Working Lines? Chances are you have a BYB bred dog or a show-mutt. Neither of which is capable of the work you want.

    If you want a protection dog you need to buy a puppy capable of the work. Working line GSD pups sell for about $ 1,500-$ 2,500. Then you'll need to lay down a foundation for positive training and prey drive work. Then at the appropriate age you'll need to find a professional trainer and helper to help you train your dog in protection work to bring out and build defense and fight drives. All together this will cast you oh, $ 6,000+ bucks! Or you can buy an adult fully trained dog from Europe for the same price, or perhaps more. Still want a protection dog?

  5. Dutchman says

    He shouldn't be aggressive if you want a good protection dog. Take him to a trainer for an evaluation. Simply making a dog "Aggressive" is easy...not only easy, but cheap.....and not only cheap, but dangerous & stupid. The fact that he ISN'T aggressive is a good sign. A fearful dog WOULD be aggressive to anyone approaching. Go see a trainer...there's nothing YOU can do.

  6. Chrissie is here!!!! says

    He should naturally be protective of his owner, but he's still a puppy & it would be strange for any breed of puppy not to be friendly. I have two female German Shepherds and I have found that female Shepherds are more protective than males are. You really don't want to make him aggressive towards strangers, because then he'll associate all strangers as being "bad" & he'll most likely bite a child or a new friend of yours that he has never met. To make a dog aggressive yourself isn't a wise thing to do, especially if you have no experience with properly training a breed like a Shepherd. When most amateurs try to make their dog "mean", it involves beating the dog or something like that. Then the dog'll hate everyone, including you. If you want to make him a guard dog (which I strongly don't recommend), you would have to hire a professional attack trainer who has experience with German Shepherds. I don't think that's necessary. He'll naturally protect you & your house as he matures, you don't need to "make him aggressive."

  7. Dances With Woofs! says

    Why would you want your dog to be aggressive? What if he decided to attack a child or an old person for no reason other than the fact that you made him that way? Most dogs are naturally protective of their homes and the bark of a GSD is enough to deter most would-be burglars.

  8. livin life says

    DONT MAKE YOUR DOG AGGRESSIVE TO PROTECT "YOUR"HOUSE....he will protect his own territory as he grows older....if you live in a crappy neighborhood...move or get a gun...or grow balls and be a man and learn to fight or put bars on the windows...

  9. Seanann91 says

    If you treat your shepherd like family and not a junk yard dog... You will have a great companion that will guard you when and if the time is right... Because then it will love you and its home... And want to protect it...

  10. maxmom says

    Not all GSD's should be trained to be guard dogs. If that is what you want, hire professional trainers. Be prepared to pay extra in homeowners insurance.

    If you train to make it aggressive without proper training it will be aggressive to all.

    Most dogs are already territorial about their houses.

  11. Tivona W says

    Please don't try and make him more aggressive! I get what you're trying to do, and i've been thinking about this same thing, too, because i'm scared of people coming in my house and stuff, robbing, or whatever. I think if you gave him a "speak" command, but make the command queu "attack!" or something then when a stranger breaks in, you'll tell him to attack and he'll start barking , and the intruder will only *think* he's gonna be attacked, but really it's just your friendly dog who wouldnt hurt people.

    maybe you could find a way to make the speak signal the sound of breaking glass, in case someone broke in through a window or something.

    but, i figure that just with the fact that you HAVE a german shepherd, no one will want to break into your house. but just to be sure, you could teach your dog these special tricks to make criminals even more scared. but visitors you invite, and your family and friends, will still be safe, because your dog does not actually attack people.

  12. ♥life is grea says

    the only german shepard that should be people aggressive is a police dog trained by a Professional to stop criminals in there tracks

  13. Natalie says

    You should not be trying to make your dog more aggressive towards strangers.

    Encouraging aggression will mean that your dog is going to be more likely to continue this type of behaviour and whilst it may only be against strangers at first, the behaviour will escalate.

    However, there is nothing wrong with wanting your dog to guard your home. This website may help you with that:

  14. Erica Lynn says

    You wait and let him grow up. Shepherds grow into their protection instincts as they mature. He's just a puppy right now and should not be showing much, if any, aggression. Trying to teach him to be aggressive is just asking for trouble. If he's acting fearful, you need to get him out for more socialization. If he's just being friendly, just wait it out until his protection instinct kicks in. It usually starts showing up somewhere between 9 and 18 months depending on the lines. I don't know what lines your dog comes from to even begin to guess when to expect that particular change. Where did you get him? If you bought from a breeder, what's the kennel name and do you have his parents' names?

    FYI - Shepherds should only show aggression if they feel their home or family is being threatened. A shepherd with a solid temperament should be able to be called off whether they perceive a threat or not. If there is no threat, they should be calm and aloof, not aggressive, timid, or overly-friendly. This applies to adults, not nine month old puppies.

  15. Bosco says

    Well agressive towards strangers is quite a bad idea.
    Because if a dog bites someone, your dog is going to be put down by the shelter.

    Get a professional guard dog trainer..

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