South Russian Ovcharka - White Russian Dog

South Russian Ovcharka portraitThe Russian Sheepdog, generally known as the South Russian Shepherd, is a large white Russian dog, which resembles an oversized Briard.  It is a strong and robust dog with big head, relatively small hanging ears, oval-shaped dark eyes and a large black nose. Its muscular body is covered in a profuse, long-haired (four to six inches) and water-resistant double coat which may have shades of gray or yellow. Though internationally recognized, this Russian dog breed is still rare outside of Russia and Ukraine, where they call it South Russian Ovcharka (sheep dog in Russian) or SAO.

South Russian Ovcharka

The history of the Russian Sheepdog can be traced back to 18th century Russia, where its ancestors lived in the region of Crimea.  It is still unclear whether this breed is a Russian native breed or it developed from various European sheepdogs that were used to drive flocks of sheep from Spain to Russia.  Anyway it was bred very protective and territorial to become an excellent Russian guard dog, alongside with Caucasian dog, Central Asian dog, Russian TerrierMoscow Dog, and Russian German Shepherd. Protecting sheep from wolves, bears and thieves this white Russian dog was usually left on its own to perform this function.

During the communist revolution, civil war and World War II battles in Russia the main breeding kennels in Ukraine and Crimea were fully plundered and destroyed.  The South Russian Ovcharka was close to extinction until 1950s when this Russian dog breed was little by little brought back up.

Family Guard Dog

The Russian Sheepdog is fierce and alert, suspicious toward strangers, and has a dominant personality. Its nature requires a large family, an extensive property and other animals this Russian guard dog can protect.  Compared to Caucasian dog and Central Asian dog the South Russian Shepherd is the most biddable of all Russian sheepdogs. It is extremely devoted to its family, does well with children and other pets it grew up with, and can be very affectionate.   South Russian ShepherdThis white Russian dog is generally healthy, though may suffer from some large dog health conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia. Its coat is shedding heavily twice a year, and should be brushed often to avoid mats and tangles. The life expectancy for the Russian Sheepdog is 9-11 years. The South Russian Shepherd is not very demanding, but it is not for inexperienced or spiritless owner. It needs a strong minded leader who has enough patience and will to train it properly. The obedience training and socialization should begin early. This Russian dog breed is not so well suited for full-time in-house living and needs plenty of exercise.

Russian Sheepdog Size:

Height: over 26 inches
Weight: 110 to 140 pounds

Breed Names: Russian Sheepdog, South Russian Shepherd Dog, South Russian Shepherd, South Russian Sheepdog, South Russian Ovcharka, Yuzhnorusskaya Ovcharka, Ioujnorousskaïa Ovtcharka, South Russian Ovtcharka, Yuzhak, SRO


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  1. hudz says

    it looks so cute and chubby to me.specially in the first pic, it look so cute that i don't know what to do with it

  2. debra j says

    i have 2 of these beautiful dogs i am so in love with them they are brother and sister they come from the same litter they were both rescue dogs from a place that rescues these breeds it was a blessing cause i have MS and they keep mobile by walking them daily dasani and bonnie are my children i am single they have brought such joy to my life i would not trade them for anything in the world

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