Which breed makes better guard dog, a german shepherd or a doberman?

Inca187: Which breed makes better guard dog, a german shepherd or a doberman? Also, which breed is better overall?
I hear that nowadays, doberman are more gentle and plus I’ve seen videos on dobermans and they look to soft to guard.

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Answer by Greek God AKA Greekman
And so are most shepherds. You want a guard dog…look at the Fila Brasileiro, the best protection dogs in the world.

ADD: Dobesrangels…you sound like one of the people responsible for destroying the breed.
One of the GREATEST working dogs ever produced, the dog that fought in the war as part of the “Devil Dog Brigade”, one of the best protection dogs ever created is now dead.
Thank you for destroying a breed to satisfy your needs and the needs of others just as messed up.

ADD: Exactly my point, a dog bred for work cannot work anymore because breeders and “pet” people want to keep a once great dog as a couch ornament.
I know there are breeders that keep breeding working Dobermans, all out of Russia and former Eastern block countries. You have to jump through all kinds of hoops and be very lucky to get near one.
I really wish that people who do not want a working dog, not get a working dog and dump it down to fill their needs, just get a lap dog and be happy.
It’s just a shame!!!

ADD: Memphis…I will happily retract that statement, with dilight even, if you come up with a breeders list that consistently produces working Dobermans, not just sport dogs.

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  1. doberman says

    Well breed is Doberman pinscher which is protective ,intelligent, and strong.So this one breed can only a guard dog………………..

  2. Memphis Belle says

    Form follows function.

    A concept apparently lost on all too many Dobermann breeders who are hell bent on ruining the breed by creating dogs who look like a Dobermann but isn’t & for that fact they should be ashamed! Breeders should not breed it down & weed out the traits that make this working breed what it is.

    Breeders should not pander to people who want a *a family friendly* Dobermann, by that I mean one that *loves everyone*, is not likely to think too much so will not anticipate their owners next move or have more prey drive than they would be able to handle.

    A well bred Dobermann should be stable, pack focused & have the drive & aggression to function as a guard/protection dog & not be *soft*or weak nerved, but that is all too prevalent in the breed today because of poor breeding.

    Dobermann breeders, who are breeding for form/flash at the expense of function, should go back to basics & remove the artificial division between show & working lines. If someone can’t handle the breed, simple, ***don’t get one***** & choose another breed.

    A nice friendly Dobermann is an oxymoron if ever there was one!!!!

    Edit: Great answer Greekman & I have nothing but respect for your professional opinion on working breeds. The breed may be on life support, but I hope not dead……..
    A breeders list? With your contacts you would stand a far better chance of compiling such a list than I would!

  3. dobesrangels says

    Please don't get a doberman if your only looking for a protection dog. People that love the breed today are trying to help the breed overcome all the stereotype where the breed is concerned. We don't need people looking for a dog for "protection" to do more damage to the breed. It is true that dobermans today are bred to be gentle and more of a companion. Our dogs can go anywhere with us and love people. In fact our dogs would probably lick you to death trying to get you to pet them. Dobes today are not what you see on 'tv'.

    Add: Greek god, the majority of people looking for a 'guard dog' are not looking to do good with the dogs. And there are still plenty of working dobes out there so "the breed is not destroyed". Most people looking for a legitimate working dobe can get one from those that deal in that area. But those that are in that area also don't want the breed destroyed by people just looking for a 'guard' dog or a dog that 'looks mean'. Those of us that love the breed do our best to educate and protect the breed in today's world with all the BSL talks. Dobe people would rather still see them around as a companion than have them all banned. And if you knew the breed well you would know there are still working dobes out there today, they just are not the dog of choice for war dogs, cops, etc today as they used to be.

  4. Julie D. says

    Neither is better. Ya know, there is a difference of being a watchful and protective dog, than an actual guard dog….HUGE difference….and that is not limited to either of those breeds.

    Add: SCH is a SPORT, not PP

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