When will my Pekingese go in heat?

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cheylan: When will my Pekingese puppy go in heat?
she is about 4 months old and i plan on breeding her with my other pekingese which is 1 year old.
so i was just wondering when will she be old enough to go in heat and how long will it last?
i dont plan on breeding her multiple times only once. and not for money just for the enjoyment of raising puppies.

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Answer by Brittany
She will go in heat anywhere from 6 months – 12 months old. At this point, you do NOT breed her. The youngest a female should be bred is 2 years. If you do not know this, you do not need to be breeding dogs.

Heat lasts 2-3 weeks.

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  1. mauveme49 says

    If you don't know a simple breeding question like that you should be breeding at all. Just enjoy the dogs you have.

  2. Tanksta310 says

    I have a suggestion for an alternative to breeding your dog. What about volunteering at your local shelter as a puppy fosterer? That way you would get to raise lots of puppies, but you are HELPING with pet overpopulation instead of contributing to it.

  3. livin life says

    How cruel. You cant breed cause u are not a trained breeder, you are a BYB who will make less than perfest puppies for money. Even after her 1st heat, she is still way to young to have puppies, that would be like a 10 year old getting pregnant. If you love your animals you will get her spayed.

    PS I am working on a web site to help abused dogs and cats. Can I use this question on the site to show people how ignorant some people are?

  4. Lovely Lady <3 says

    I would hope that you would wait until she is over a year old to breed her. Any time before this or even at the year point, is too soon. Wait it out, so you dont hurt your puppy.

  5. BYB's are Champ says

    How's it feel to be a backyard breeder? Are you proud that you want to ruin the breed? Are you proud that you and your kin contribute over 50% of the dogs in shelters?

    Is it a mental problem where you feel you need to breed your pets to justify your existance? To feel something? To have SOMETHING love you unconditionally?

    Direct answer: Dogs go into heat sometime between 4 months of age and 18 months of age.

    Non-direct answer: Dogs should never be bred on their first heat. Dogs should never be bred by someone who doesn't know such basic information. Dogs should never be bred under 2 years of age. Dogs should never be bred if they are "just pets".

    Added: "For the enjoyment of puppies". No. Wrong. This STILL makes you a BYB. If you want to raise puppies, contact a local shelter and foster a pregnant dog. Or cat. Or guinea pig.

    As a 17 year old, how are you going to be able to afford a $ 1000 c-section? And a $ 5000 complication? And all the vet visits pre and post natally? How are you going to have the time to spend 6 weeks at home caring for these puppies NON STOP?

    And if she has 5 puppies and each new owner decides they just want to have one litter – each of 5 puppies. That's now 25 badly bred pekingnese. And if each of them has 5 puppies? We are now at 125 badly bred pekingese "just one litter" puppies. Shall we keep going? 5 more puppies from each of them? That's now 625 dogs from your two dogs. That's potentially in 5 years if each owner waits until their dog is 1. Should we go out to ten years?
    Year 6: 3125
    Year 7: 15625
    Year 8: 78125
    Year 9: 390,625
    Year 10: 1,953,125

    And finally, what if these puppies you create have serious genetic problems, as are common in BYB dogs? You CAN BE SUED.

  6. Celica D says

    she will go into heat around 6 months of age but that is way to young to breed her. I don't agree with breeding anyways and especially if your not a registered breeder. Backyard breeding is frowned upon for many reasons. I hope something changes your mind and if nothing does…maybe one litter at an appropriate age is good enough

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