Can a 9 year old pekingese dog survive a 16 hours flight?

Sunny: Can a 9 year old [human years] pekingese dog survive a flight to China about 16 hours?
I really want my baby dog to come here im 14 and i have all my heart with him. I moved to China and I am really curious if he can just survive the air plane flight.
pekingese in flight
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Answer by schnauzer
Of course, the only problem you have is that being a flat nosed breed they do suffer lack of water and heat so some airlines will not take these breeds apparently so you will have to check out the airlines which are carriers to China and also what are the regulations if any re tests to bring a dog to China as l am pretty sure the rabies one will be mandatory as it is rampant in China unfortunately and l am sure they do not want anything coming in with the possibility of having this terrible disease.There is a time limit re the blood test so if you get going now it may take a shorter time.Check With he Chinese Embassy and they will point you in the right direction as to what if any restrictions or tests dogs have to have that come into their Country.

Mine and it is not the States is super super strict and you have to have tests which we never have had those diseases in this Country but makes no difference and in fact there are some Countries you cannot import into this Country no matter what the dog is but where it comes from(ex iron Curtain Countries)We do not have rabies in my Country so of course that is something on top of the list and any Country that has it there is a lengthy test needed at both ends the initial test and the final one to check it is OK.

Despite the peke being the royal dog of China unfortunately as you are aware dogs are not considered very high on the scale of valuable animals which is a shame.

Good luck and no-one can give you definitive guarantee your dog will survive but if you get the right carrier that goes direct and the box has water etc you should be right,Do not attempt ti send it un Summer as you are asking for a potential dead dog as we have had in this Country where several pekes and boxers died in the heat of Summer as were left on the tarmac without water and died.

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  1. st.lady37 (GitEm) says

    Yeah, 9 isn't old for a Peke its only middle aged. You just have to take precautions as another has said. They have flat noses and the cabin must have adequate Oxygen.

  2. Tina says

    I really couldn't find anything about shipping your dog alone but I did find some things about traveling with dogs in the Yahoo Answers archives that I think will be of interest to you:

    "First off most vets will not give sedation to dogs unless its absolutely necessary. I have seen allot of dogs being flown and out of all of them only 2 seemed to need something. One was overly aggressive and the other was scared, but still very friendly.
    Now as far as water and food. Put some dry dog food in a zip lock bag and tape it to the top of the kennel. Along the way the agents will him food and water. You don't have to supply water. Its mandatory that you have the plastic food and water bowls in the kennel connected to the door so that the agents can give food / water from the outside in without having to open the door."

    But check out the rest of the comments from the archived page as they might provide some help as well.

  3. Becky says

    This is really a question for your vet. Flat faced breeds have a harder time with travel in general. You need a professional, medical opinion on this issue. The vet will take your dogs age and physical condition into account and give you the best advice here.

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