When is the right age to groom a miniature schnauzer dog?

chasitydanielle: When is the right age to groom a miniature schnauzer for the first time?
i have a six week mini. schnauzer puppy i got for christmas and i wanted to know about how old he would need to be to get his first grooming, cause right now his hair is still short and he hasn’t got his schnauzer features yet.

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Answer by Stormie Raincloud
Wait till he’s at least 6 month’s old hun. Call yout local vet & ask to be sure.

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  1. CF_ says

    as soon as possible but NEVER before they are fully vaccinated..

    so about 12 weeks of age!!

    infact your pup should not go ANYWHERE until its fully vaccinated…not even in your front yard!!!

  2. A New Yorker says

    Six weeks is very young. I have a mini schnauzer who is now 6 months old and I had him groomed on December 21st, he was almost six months old then. I have given him a bath at home before that. But, he was two months old when I got him. I would wait, they have those doggy towels that you can wipe him down with for now.

  3. Jennifer T says

    You can get him used to the sound and feel of grooming right away. This way he isn't frightened the first time a real grooming happens. A small puppy brush of any type will do for now. Technique isn;t as important right now as getting him to relax while being brushed is. If you have a male (human) in the household who has a beard and moustache trimmer, turn it on and gently rub the handgrips of the trimmer, not the blades, over the puppy so he gets accoustomed to the sound and feel. Practice holding his feet so he doesn't fight it. Play with his ears and lips, and eyebrows, so he learns this will not hurt him.

    Most groomers are extra patient with puppies, but if your puppy is already comfortable with the products and processes used, he will have a much happier first grooming. Most need their first "coat shaping" by 4-6 months. Good luck.

  4. glitterpony4lyfe says

    I would reccommend asking the local groomer.

    But i know that in pet stores they recieve puppies at 8 weeks, and they get groomed while there so i'm not really positive. I would want to say that when his hair gets long and shaggy, when his eyebrow hair gets in the way of his vision. My boyfriend has 3 mini schnauzers and thats when i notice they need hair cuts ;)

  5. jascott20006 says

    As soon as he/she has all the necessary shots to be around other dogs. I groomed for 6 years and the best time to get a puppy in for grooming is as young as possible. They will get used to it faster. Especially a dog that requires such a full-body cut.

    A tip: Make sure you can play with his feet without the puppy getting upset or biting. That and not being able to shave or trim the face are some of the largest problems groomers run into with dogs.

  6. laura g says

    since he is still so young, (and actually shouldn't have been taken from his mother until at least 8 wks!) he will not actually need bathed but it wouldn't do any harm to get him used to brushing and if he does stink then use some dry shampoo

  7. Jessie says

    The sooner the better that way they get use to the clipper noise and having a bath.
    I have never had a dog that needed to be groomed so call the grooming place you want to take your pup to and ask if they have an age limit, it might be after 16 weeks so they have had their full set of vaccines.

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