What are the best clippers to use for dog grooming?

Missy: Dog grooming- What are the best clippers to use?
Hey guys! I have a 2 1/2 year old shih tzu / bichon mix named Chomps.
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When i first got him i took him to the groomers a few times but didn't like how they cut him and didn't like their attitudes. Anyway, I taught myself how to cut him and now i have been doing all the grooming myself. I have been with cheap Wahl clipper that i got from walmart.

It worked good for the first couple months but now its not working well and i hate it. I have been looking everywhere for a new clipper but theres so many i dont know which one to get. I want to get a good one that will last a long time but i don't want to spend over $ 100. Can you please help me out?

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Answer by Aluuvial N
For all the proper supplies in order to groom the dog efficiently and safely, you're looking at more than a hundred dollars to be honest.

A good blade alone for clippers is going to cost you around 30, not to mention blade coolant, cleaning supplies, ect. and so forth. There's a lot more that's put into a good grooming set than meets the eye, and a hundred dollars won't cover it.

If you're unhappy with the groomers then don't go back a third or fourth time. Not happy with the cut the first time, go find a new groomer.

Answer by Anna E
I have 4 dogs and groom them all myself. I use a wahl clipper set as well. Your blade is probably dull. You can go to wahl.com and order a replacement blade cheaper than you can have it sharpened. A good professional clipper is going to cost well over $ 100. I just use the cheap clippers and replace them occasionally. It's still a lot less expensive than going to the groomer every month or so.

Answer by Leslie
You can call Revival Vet Supply but a good pair of clippers will be more than a $ 100....I use Andis. Have been a groomer for yrs and used the Oster, but once I got the Andis, it was a breeze in comparison.

Answer by LanyFanny
andis...i am a groomer myself and they have the most powerful moters out of all...but they are a little pricey as far as clippers go

Answer by Art Br
Amazon has a discount on Andis. I think either Andis AGC or Andis AGC-2 is a great choice for dog grooming.

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