What’s an average price for basset hound puppies?

whitewolf1559: What is an average price for basset hound puppies?
My friend wants a basset hound puppy for her graduation. I am trying to figure out what an average price for one is, so I know whether or not I can afford to get her one.

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Answer by Max
Don’t buy one rescue one: www.petfinder.com

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  1. show breeders sell s says

    i know a guy that used to sell them a few years ago his went for $ 450..he quit selling them and moved to florida..

  2. Rayven~Summer Troll says

    Pets aren't gifts. No shelter will adopt out for you to gift the animal to someone else and No reputable breeder will sell to you for the same reason. That leaves bybs and pet shops and NEITHER are acceptable places to buy a pet from.

    If your friend wants a basset hound so badly tell her to either look up a basset hound rescue or to save her money and find a reputable breeder through the basset hound breed club.

    ETA: from a reputable breeder at minimum probably around 800-900 for a pet quality pup.

  3. Maddie says

    I agree with "Max" you should rescue a dog. At many shelters it is cheaper than buying a puppy and you (she) can give a homeless pet a loving home. But to answer your question they can run anywhere between $ 450-1,200. Just got to know where to look. For example the newspaper.

  4. moondog says

    Where I live a well bred Basset Hound will cost around $ 1000 plus.
    Bassets have a few inherited problems so I would never buy from a back yard breeder or pet store.
    Code of ethics breeders with registered dogs have their dogs health certified. BYB's and pet store pups do no health testing.

    Giving pets as gifts is never a good idea.
    ADDED: Where I live we rarely ever see Bassets in pounds or shelters and I don't ever remember seeing a puppy in rescue.

  5. mle says

    this depends. Are you talking about show quality or pet quality?
    and I really hope you are not talking about high school graduation, because a new puppy is NOT the thing to deal with if you are going to be entering college. Try looking around online, or better yet, look at your local pound. Has she ever had one before? make sure she REALLY researches the breed before she gets one because "its soooo kyoot!"

    and you can get one ranging from $ 50-800, depending what quality your looking for, pure bred, lineage, and what the owners want to ask for it.

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