Should I get a basset hound dog?

Gracelyn: Should I get a basset hound?
I know they are good with kids, which is good because we have four kids in our house, ages 7-13. We have a pool in our backyard, but that shouldn't be an issue because we were planning to keep him inside. They only problem is drooling. Is there any way to tell if the dog will drool when it's a puppy? If not, I don't know if we want to take that risk. (We have two American Bulldogs outside, so we're about up to our necks in drool). Is there any other dog that would fit our family (small-medium, easy-care coat, little shedding, good with kids)? Thanks!
We can't bring the dogs we already have inside because they drool and shed tremendously, and they're really big. We DO provide them with lots of shelter and access to water, and they're allowed in our garage, where it's cool in the summer.

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Answer by Aduial
I think that instead of getting a new dog you should bring the two dogs you have into your home and family. No dog is supposed to be an outside dog.

Answer by puppy ailens
Basset Hound do not drool to my knowledge but they do get very heavy when they are full grown and they have a very deep bark and they like to be outside too, if its a puppy they like to chew on everything, so its best to have lots of big bones and toys to chew on!!
But I don't remember them drooling. have fun with one!!

Answer by Lorraine
We have our very own MamaBas here on yahoo that has been in the breed in a big way for years and years.

Don't know how to star for her, but she would be the best person to answer this as she used to breed also.

Answer by markmartin4life
Basset Hounds do drool because of their droopy face, much like bloodhounds. Unfortunately, dogs that don't shed usually have high grooming needs, so you'll have to compromise a bit there. This is the link I would use:
You can also take online quizzes to see which breed best matches you lifestyle.

Here are some breeds I would also take into consideration:

Cocker Spaniel-may require more grooming though and they shed a bit

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel- ", plus you need to make sure the kids don't get too rought, but they are very friendly dogs.

Wheaten Terrier-needs some grooming, but doesn't shed

Pug- low grooming, supervise with kids as you should with any dog, especially smaller ones

Corgi-high energy loves to play, low maintenance.

I gave you some pretty genera information, so if any of these breeds interest you I would encourage you to look them up on the link above. From there you can look to find your breed on petfinder,com, your local shelter, or an AKC registered breeder.

Good luck, Hope I helped.

Answer by Emma
The temperament of this Basset Hound is tranquil. They are well behaved, and have a gentle, devoted disposition. With this type of personality traits they are ideal for family life. The may be laid back but do not confuse it for being timid. They are a bit stubborn but are very loving with their owners and gentle with children. They can be trained to be quite obedient but if they find and interesting smell to track, getting their attention may prove to be difficult. The basset has a deep melodious bark.

About Basset Hound -

Answer by MonsterJack
Do not get a basset hound... I have lived with multiple bassets over the years and they ALL drool (I have never met one that doesn't), and the ALL shed... ALOT... ALL YEAR LONG. If these are not qualities that you want in a dog, do not get a basset.

Also, not all bassets have the same temperament. While well bred bassets should be fairly calm, low to medium energy dogs, this is not always the case. The basset that I live with now has lots of energy, he needs to be walked every day or he gets bored and starts to make trouble. He also is very moody, has food aggression issues. My dogs have always liked children but I have met several bassets that do not.

Please do some more research on your breeds before picking what breed is right for your family. There are too many dogs in this country that end up in shelters and rescues because families think the puppy is cute and then it turns into a 70lb drooling shedding monster.

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