What to feed english bulldog to get muscle?

Jay: what people feed their english bulldog to get huge muscle?
my english bulldog puppy dosen’t like dry dog food. he eats almost 3 times as much wet food than his dry food. i have to put chickens in his dry food to get him eat it. and back to the question, what people feed their english bulldog to get huge muscle?

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Answer by Beth-08
Doesn’t really matter what feed you give it’s the amount of exercise they get. More exercise = more body tone and muscle

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  1. Stacey says

    I was going to put my bully on grain free. But then I read this article. Now I am afraid to put him on it.

    This was the article:


    In picking a formula for a specific situation I forget the "type" and look at protein, fat, calories, calcium levels, quality of minerals and are there trace minerals in a food. These are the deciding factors in the selection of a bag of food for a special use.

    3) Another issue is the advent of many new no grain foods. A no grain pet food does not mean the food has no carbohydrates, it just means they are generally using potatoes and sweet potatoes for their carbohydrate component. These diets are GENERALLY not recommended for growth in large and giant breed, nor are they recommended for Systemic Yeast Overgrowth issues due to the potato component. They are best suited for adults that are moderately active.

  2. Equine Freak <3 says

    My sister buys top brand dog food for hers and makes sure he gets plenty of excersize and now he knows how to skateboard;D just keep workin it up with him/her

  3. K K says

    well first you need to quit the wet food it will only spoil your dog and rot his teeth, to get the biggest muscles you should go for orgin, evo, they also have can foods that you can mix with but only enough to get him off the wet. These foods are grain free which means way more protein, make sure that you at least try to get a grain free food if you cant find either of these brands corn, oats and such are fillers that feed your grass and not your dog. When you switch you will feed less your dog will poop less, but will actually be able to use all the nutrients. Dogs genes only differ about1.5% from wolves so in the wild they wouldn't eat oatmeat, or corn, this makes me laugh and please none of that science diet crap that's like all fillers and that company use to be the only one that taught the vets about nutrition, but now there are other people doing it and they only have like a few weeks of learning the nutrition part. Make sure to follow the directions on the bag, it will look more expensive, but u feed less so it cost about the same also treats should only be real meat fruit or veggies, no grain, this will also improve the dogs coat.

  4. CHAO§:BB Comes says

    All my bulldogs eat dry kibble, with some fish oil once a day. That is it. They get a raw meaty bone once in a while but other that that nothing else. Feeding wet just wears their teeth down and causes tartar buildup, chuck the wet out it is not nutritious at all. A healthy bulldog or a healthy dog will not intentionally starve themselves, stop spoiling him with all the add ins, if he does not eat within 10 mins take the food up. Don't be afraid to with hold food for one feeding session.

    My bullies get plenty of exercise out in the backyard, need to pick up a kiddie pool someday for them as well.

  5. uuchurchlady says

    You don't bulk up a dog like you do a person. Give him a good quality high protein dog food like Wellness Core which has no cereal grains. He will develope the bulldog build according to what his parents look like not according to what you feed him. Bull dogs sometimes have trouble with dry kibble because of the distortion of their jaw and teeth. Nothing wrong with moist food but they need more of it because of the water content. The nutrition is not as concentrated as it is in dry food.

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