What kind of “human food” can I give to my dogs?

Chuchie_Lipsz: What kind of “human food” can you give to your dogs?
I don’t want to feed her something she can die from.

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Answer by nineinchmeatwhistle
well eliminate Taco Bell and Jack in the Box since humans have died from that….

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  1. AJ says

    i think you can mostly give them any kind of human food. but not chocolate. i think you already know that but i usually give my dog leftovers and if my dog is good i give her like a potatoe chip. but some healthy food is good like carrots, potatoe skins, celery…. and she LOVES little sausages from my pizza! hope that helped you!

  2. aubrey p says

    My dog eats anything. We try not to feed him human food all the time , mainly because it's so high in fat. Regular dog food has all the nutrients a dog needs. However living in another country people do not worry about such things as americans do, they will feed their dogs whatever with no worries. Dogs will eat what they want and will know if its bad. My dog has eaten a whole bage of caffeine and nothing happened (not even hyper) and he loves coffee if he can grab some. Also he broke a bottle of B6 vitamins and ate almost all of them., I called a vet and pharmacists and they said most things dogs will just pee out. It take large amounts over and over for bad things to happen they said. However said that I still keep his human food in moderation (like on a special holiday or weekend as a treat).
    Before people owned dogs or before modern society they ate all kinds of things and still survived and are here on the planet today. That is how God made them.
    I wouldn't worry too much unless it is something poisonous. Not even chocolate !!!! It would take so much of that.

  3. mrceq says

    Well, it's a matter of try what he/she can tolerate, like us. But what I was explained by the vet is never: bananas, tomatoes, lettuce, bones, citrics, sweets, flour (bread, etc.).
    Try with very little portions and see what happens.

  4. PA728TX says

    As a general rule, giving dogs chocolate on purpose is NOT a good idea. The problem with chocolate is the theobromine and the caffeine content. Theobromine, if ingested, can cause hyperactivity, vomiting/diarrhea, increase urination, irregular/rapid heartbeat, seizures and tremors. Caffeine content can also cause hyperactivity, rapid heartbeat, tremors and seizures as well. When it comes to chocolate and dogs, here are some helpful guidelines for how much is too much:
    Milk Chocolate – one ounce per pound of body weight (more is harmful)
    Semi-Sweet Chocolate – one ounce per 3 pounds of body weight
    Baker's Chocolate – one ounce per 9 pounds of body weight (this is the most dangerous of all)
    The other issue I see is the milk you're adding. Dog's do not possess the enzyme that is necessary to digest dairy products. It's not a deadly thing, but you'll suffer some concequences, nonetheless. Fragrant diarrhea (or terrible gas build-up) may very well follow.
    As many others have mentioned other harmful foods, here is my own laundry list of dangerous foods:
    – alcohol (duh)
    – anti-freeze (duh again)
    – avocado (can be lethal – guacamole too)
    – broccoli (can cause upset stomach in large quatities)
    – grapes/raisins (just 6 grapes CAN kill a dog)
    – raw eggs (Avidin in it can cause major deformations)
    – fatty foods (can trigger pancreatitis in prone dogs)
    – liver (can cause vitamin A toxicity)
    – mistletoe (in larger amounts, generally)
    – mothballs (duh)
    – nuts (can cause bladder stones, and many other debilitating conditions)
    – green potatoes (contain solanum alkoids that can be dangerous)
    – Plants (like rhododendron, azalea, oleader, rhubarb, cycads, yew, and other houseplants)
    – nutmeg (can cause seizures and death)
    – onions (one small onion can contain enough thiosulphate to kill a dog)
    – salmon (especially raw, can cause salmon poisoning disease that can kill a dog within days)
    – salt (can trap gas in the intestines and kill a dog)
    – sugarless candy/gum (xylitol can cause liver damage)
    – tomatoes (contain atropine, a dangerous substance)
    – yeast dough (will rise in the stomach and can cause a rupture in the stomach or intestines)
    – fruit pits/seeds (apple seeds contain arsenic … so do peach pits)"

    Also, to respond top some other posts … milk chocolate CAN kill a dog, it just takes more of it than, say, baker's chocolate. Also, chicken bones can be perfectly fine for a dog, but not cooked chicken bones (when cooked, the bones get brittle and splinter … raw bones are usually fine, as many dogs on a BARF diet (bones and raw food) eat entire pieces of chicken whole, bones and all). Dogs can absolutely digest human foods … every meat and vegetable out there was animal food before it was ever human food! Animals have been around longer than humans. It's the cooking/seasoning process that might make some foods not ok for dogs. But many raw or cooked (not seasoned) "human foods" are not only ok for dogs, but are actually very good for them!

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