How to get my grandma to stop giving my dog table food?

P2: How do I get my grandma to stop giving my dog table food!??!?!??!?
This angers me SO MUCH. My grandma is so ignorant. She gives my 3 year old chihuahua a big slice of ham or another meat every day. I have told her repeatedly that ham is nothing but salt and fat. My dad has told her. My relatives have told her. SHE DOESN'T LISTEN! The dog is fat and lazy.

My grandma is home alone all day with the dog. Since my grandma was divorced recently, she thinks of the dog as a human. I know it sounds silly, but it's true. When she watches soap operas every afternoon for 4 hours, she wants the dog to sit right next to her the whole time.

Every time I tell her STOP GIVING THE DOG TABLE FOOD! I get the same answer "But she doesn't eat her dog food". This is because the dog knows that if she won't eat the dog food then my grandma will give her a big slab of ham. She claims to have stopped giving her table food, but I know she does it. She also keeps the dog inside all day. Since we have two dogs and the other one is outside, this angers me so much. When she sees the dog with her tongue out she starts panicking that she's dying of thirst, so she brings her inside.

How do I get her to let the dog be outside and eat regular dog food??? If my grandma gives her dog food right away and she doesn't eat it, then she will continue giving the dog table food. I've tried everything! I've tried yelling in her face and it doesn't work! How do I get her to STOP!?!?!?

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Answer by err. x
everytime you see ham in the fridge .. throw it out

take your dog out one day.
then call up grandma and be liek
" omggg, doggy had a stroke he was playingin the park , where on the way to the hopital now.
and then she''l freak out.
make sure she never leaves the house
make up some other shit liek ..' he's stabilised.. and we can take him home tomorow( leave the dog at a friends house)
next day take the dog home and say that
' the doctor asked if we give him fatty or salty food'
and be liek.. if he eats ham agains he'll die!

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  1. Midwest says

    Maybe you could make some home made treats (your grandma might enjoy doing this too) use human grade ingredients an then set out how much she is allowed to feed the chi a day. That way technically she is feeding human food.. but its not so bad - and the dog just thinks its a regular treat not food scraps.

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