What kind of exercises can I do for my boxer dog after acl surgery?

Lynda G: What kind of exercises can I do for my boxer after acl surgery?
My two year old Boxer had Crutiate Ligament Surgery six days ago.Does any one know of some good exercises I can start him on now. He still has his staples in.

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  1. Matt O says

    My dog had both his knees repaired, and there are stretching exercises that should always be done after surgery. I believe it starts a week after, but you should checjk with the vet. The stretches are done three times a day with 20-25 reps. Basically you extend and flex the knee as far you can without causing the dog pain. Also Once you start the short walks again, if you can add swimming to it is great, b/c it is non-impact rehab. This worked great for my dog b/c he loved to swim and I would just pu him on a flexi-lead and he would basically do laps.

  2. mups mom says

    our dogs had three acl surgeries and we didn't do any specific excercises as in rehab….we let them guide how much they can do on their own. we never sent owners home from the clinic with anything specific either. it's kind of like getting them to take it easy…they do what they do when they do it. just tried to keep them from jumping.

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