What kind of dog food should I feed my Maltese?

Shelly D: What kind of food should I feed my Maltese?
What kind of DRY food should I feed my Maltese. She is almost 1 yr old and I have her on Iams Smart Puppy but it seems like every 2 weeks she has diarehha. And I don’t mind spending money on food for her. I’m looking for something I could buy easily at a store and not online. Thanks for your help!

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Answer by Fallon[Pugs, Not drugs]
Iams is a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE food.

Try Wellness or Canidae. You can pick both up at petstores.

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  1. gentleannie says

    Canidae is supposed to be good I have always heard Iams, Nutro & science diet are not that good at all, Merrick is supposed to be good I use Verus & I find it excellent, I get Verus from a speciality holistic pet food store, they also sell canidae, merrick, Wellness, they are all good, Not many people mention it but a decent priced good dog food is pro plan, it was not part of the recall and it was the first food I gave to my first greyhound and at that time before all the holistic foods were around the NGAP who LOVE these hounds researched a good mid-priced food and it was pro plan

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