What dog foods are wheat, corn, and soy free?

Show Breeders Sell Better Pups: What dog foods out there are wheat, corn, and soy free?
besides like, Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild and such :D

My question earlier got me thinking. I’d like to have both of my bìtches on the same diet (with Taste of the Wild, it’s high enough protein that I dont need a “puppy food”). Piper is has allergies, so it does need to be free of those three things listed above ;)
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Answer by Iggy’s Slurpy K

I feed Taste of the Wild and it is great all my dogs love it.

but, if you want the best and grain free.

You want Wellness only, it is the best for dogs with allergies.

My Pepper had allergies bad, he was on Wellness and he did great and makes their skin so nice never dry or flaky.

go with Wellness only…you will see the difference in your dogs for sure.

Good luck


Answer by Emilie.
.. Raw?
HAHA I don’t know, I don’t know much about dog food ;)


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