What dog foods are wheat, corn, and soy free?

Show Breeders Sell Better Pups: What dog foods out there are wheat, corn, and soy free?
besides like Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild and such :)
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I'd like to have both of my bìtches on the same diet (with Taste of the Wild, it's high enough protein that I dont need a "puppy food"). Piper has allergies, so it does need to be free of those three things listed above ;)

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Answer by Lindsay

Orijen and Acana, Dog Lovers Gold, B.G. (before grain), Wellness, Go! and Now!, innova/evo/cali naturals, Canine Caviar, Instinct, Honest Kitchen (dehydrated raw food, add water), Ziwi Peak, and many many others.
Dog Lovers gold is only available in some areas, but it is all life stages. So is BG and Honest Kitchen, and I can't remember the others right now but there are a few more. Go find your local independent pet supply store and they can help you find even more!

Answer by Iggy's Slurpy K
I feed Taste of the Wild and it is great all my dogs love it.

But, if you want the best and grain free.
You want Wellness only, it is the best for dogs with allergies.
My Pepper had allergies bad, he was on Wellness and he did great and makes their skin so nice never dry or flaky.
go with Wellness only…you will see the difference in your dogs for sure. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Original Recipe
Good luck

Answer by cleosea45
I have my dogs on Natural Balance, grain free allergy formula. Its an all life stages food. The type I buy (sweet potato and fish) is 21% protein, but I think their other one (venison and something else) may have more. One of my dogs has extreme allergies, and he loves this food. It's also pretty decently priced.

Answer by Allison
My puppy eats Canidae Lamb and Rice. It's super affordable for a premium dog food, and they have excellent customer service. I Buy it on Amazon because they can ship right to the house. A 35 Pound bag is about $40 with no tax and free shipping. Large cans are $20 for 12. It sits well on her fragile tummy (anything gives her dirrhea). For chews, I've found the best to be the "Get Naked" line and Zuke's Mini Naturals in Salmon for treats. I buy all of them on Amazon due to the ease of not having to carry all of the heavy bags myself (I'm 5' 4")

Answer by Emilie.
.. Raw?
HAHA I don't know, I don't know much about dog food ;)

Answer by Pam
You are a total ass and are useless to the world! Someone should beat you!

Answer by ~Compétences~
I do know that some BlueGold foods are wheat, corn and soy free.I think its a new line called BlackGold UltimateAdult. I think Canidae has grain free formulas- with nothing in it that you mentioned. I knew of one other brand that was free from those 3 but for the life of me I can't remember it! I'll have to think and come back and edit. But I do believe that Blackgold is free from those. Unless the ingredients have changed from the last time I looked on the back of the package.

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  1. Cookie says

    All the Solid Gold products are good and Petco sells all of them. All dogs should be on a corn,wheat,soy, and also by-product free diet. If you are seriously interested in the why of this, check out [email protected]. Her files are full of professional advice and reasons why you should feed this way. Monica Segal is list owner and her latest book, Optimal Nutrition, is in use at the veterinary school at Ohio State. Obviously she is well known and respected in the Nutrition circles that count.

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