What is the intelligence level of a 2 year old Saint Bernard?

nissan_altima: What is the intelligence level of a 2 year old full grown Saint Bernard dog?
I am about to get a 2 year old male Saint Bernard next week. He weighs 185 lbs and I’ve been told that he is very easygoing, laidback and likes to chill a lot.

How intelligent would he be? I have heard that easygoing and utterly relaxed dogs do not have much intelligence.

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Answer by PurebredDog
That’s not true, easy going dogs are just as smart as dogs that are higher drive.
An adult dog has the intelligence of an 8 year old kid.

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  1. pjones769 says

    I dont know off the top of my head, but where i usually get my pet info is dogbreedinfo.com and answerstv.com in their pet section…links in source

  2. Starlight says

    He isn't just chilling, he will be coming up with a plan to fix the economy, lower gas prices and end the war. In the mean time he will look at you with those big brown eyes and get you to cater to his every need.

    You are going to love him!!!!

  3. May Domainee says

    Saint Bernard Breed is ranked the 65th smartest purebred dog.
    Fair Working/Obedience Intelligence
    Understanding of New Commands: 40 to 80 repetitions.
    Obey First Command: 30% of the time or better.

    That being said, the intelligence of a dog highly relies on the trainer!

  4. Dont Ask says

    It all depends how you measure it. On one hand, all he has to do is lay around and smile, and you feed him, house him, and play with him. Pretty damn smart if you ask me.
    Can he do math? Probably not.

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