What are the pros and cons of having a Saint Bernard?

kingsholto: What are the pros and cons of having a Saint Bernard? (from a puppy to adult)?
I am thinking about getting a saint bernard puppy and i was wondering if anyone had any thing to tell me before i buy her. Weather it is a positive or negitive i would love to hear it. Thnx!

Pros and cons of st bernard dog
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Answer by Shasta

the are cute but I can't stand a dog that slobbers.

Answer by mcsaintbernard

Very loving
Easy to house break
Like to please
Good with children
Need moderate exercise(no "roadwork" when they are pups)…this may be a pro or a con depending on your lifestyle…if you want a dog to go jogging with you this is not the one(I personally like their more "laid back" energy level)
They are almost sure to draw a crowd wherever you go

they drool
they "blow coat" twice a year, with some shedding year round
Medical care is more expensive, especially if dosages are based on weight
they have relatively short life spans(8-10 years)
they have their share of medical conditions that they are prone to: bloat, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, ectropion/entropion

Do your homework. Go to the Saint Bernard Club of America website, as it can give you a tremendous amount of information. Buy from a reputable breeder. Be prepared to take them to some sort of obedience class, as they grow very quickly and a badly behaved giant dog can be a liability.
Saint puppies are the cutest, however, remember that they do not stay little for very long…so many Saints are surrendered to rescue because people don't think that "they would get that big".
If you are a neat freak, and are bothered by the hair and the drool, then this is definitely NOT the dog for you. If you can tolerate those type issues, then they will more than make up for these inconveniences with the amount of love and devotion they give to you.

Answer by selina.evans

Pro..they are big enough to eat a burglar.
Con.they are big enough to eat a burglar.

They are beautiful and friendly dogs, very loyal and unless they are badly trained, incredibly gentle but they cost a small fortune to feed and care for, require huge amounts of exercise to stay healthy and happy and, if bored, can trash a room faster than a drunk rugby fan after a bad match! Also, they suffer from the heat in Summer and you suffer too because they shed like crazy.
I love the breed but they are not suited to living in modern houses and apartments unless you are really close to a large park or have a vast garden..and if you have any fragile ornaments you are fond of then lock them well away! Without being in the least bit destructive by nature, such a large dog can not help knocking things over!

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  1. Ruby says

    Great dispositions
    Great with children

    Susceptible to BYBs so it's important to find a good breeder
    Large size equals rampant health problems later on
    Shorter lifespan
    Larger dogs can be harder to control
    They do drool
    They eat more

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