What is the difference between the American and the Italian Cane Corso?

mark c: What is the difference between the American and the Italian Cane Corso?
I have heard there are two different types of Cane Corso. The American Breed and the Italian Breed. So I just want to know the differences, if there are any. Also I am going to get a male. Are males or females better?

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Answer by luvtheflgators
No real difference. The breed is thought to come orginally from Italy. Make sure you really do your homework....... research not only the breed, but the breeders.

This is not an easy breed. They usually do not do well around strangers. If you have children, be extremely careful when their friends are over. This breed is extremely protective of his family and can easily take the rough housing kids do as threats to them.

Answer by Eddie

Actually they are not even the same breed. The original cane corso were derived from neopalitan mastiffs. They go back about 400 years but were considered a type of neo until the 1940s at which point they were recognized as an independent breed. By the 1980s they were almost extinct. Breed fanciers used the remaining few to re-establish the breed by crossing them with boxers and bullmastiffs to spread out their gene pool. The American cane corso was created completely seperate from the original cane corso. The breed creators merely used the name. The breeds that went into Thier development were neo, Rottweiler, and presa canario. But absolutely no cane corso went into them. If they come from Italian bloodlines, they called cane corso regardless of where they were born. Much like a Doberman, or any other breed.

Answer by animalgurl
There is a slight difference. The Italian lines tend to be smaller and have more of a boxer type face. The American lines tend to be bigger with more pitbull looking faces. Some breeders cross the American lines with the Italian lines to get the best of both. I wouldn't say one is better than the other, it just depends what you are after.They all share the same lineage and hale from Italy but the Americans have bred for bigger stock. Just buy from a breeder who health checks their dogs because Corso's are very prone to hip and joint problems. Epilepsy is also common in some lines so do your research. Corsos are wonderful and very even tempered dogs. They are not as dog aggressive or prey driven a some other breeds like pitbulls and dogos. They wont go out looking for a fight but typically they wont back down if another dog initiates a scrap. My corsos accept anyone that I accept. They are extremely friendly and social dogs and this is very typical. But if they sense I am uncomfortable or don't like some one then watch out. They seem to instinctively know when to be protective but would never actually bite unless absolutely necessary. They are exellent with children when raised with them. The only issue is their size and they can easily knock a chld ove unintentially. My dogs are extremely gentle with my two toddlers. That said, no dog should be left unsupervised with a child. I also until recently had a 7 pound malti-poo and my corsos got along great with him. Never any aggression shown. They need a firm hand and lots of socialization but are easier to handle than other dogs of their stature. Males tend to be more dominant in nature. If you haven't had a dominant breed before I would suggest a female. But males if neutered can be just as good a pet.

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  1. 1Nature says

    They are just different bloodlines and the real difference will be in different breeders.
    A forewarning though, Cane Corsos are not for everyone. They are wonderful dogs, but take a specific type of person to properly care for them. I have had mastiffs my whole life, and know for a fact that they are not a beginner dog. Not saying that you are, but just in case, I think it should be stated.

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