What is the difference between an english, a french, and a bull mastiff?

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Jen: What is the difference between a bull mastiff, an english mastiff and a french mastiff.?
My apartments will not allow a bull mastiff.

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Answer by xxbamagirl27xx
a french mastiff is also know as a Dogue de Bordeaux, and not typically considered a “bully breed”. They are larger than the bullmastiffs, but smaller the the english.


Info on the Bull Mastiff


Here is the breed info on the English Mastiff:


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  1. aubreecaraline says

    Bullmastiffs are a 60/40 mix of the mastiff and the bulldog. They were once used as gamekeepers' dogs to catch poachers. What is cool about them is they never bit unless necessary; they would just pin the poacher down until help arrived. Bullmastiffs are definitely leggier than the other two…with less wrinkling and short, blocky muzzles. They look kind of like giant Boxers!

    English mastiffs are the original mastiff. They are the typical drooling, wrinkly, slobbering, MASSIVE…teddy bears. They have been war dogs for a very long time in Europe and other places, but today they are gentle giants. And I mean giant. They can be over 200 pounds, easily! They are blocky all around, heavy boned and wide-chested.

    If you mean Dogue de Bordeaux by french mastiff…
    They are the more protective of the three…though they are still generally even-tempered, they are extremely protective. They differ in looks as well…they have massive heads and stockier bodies than the other two.

    They are all in the "bully breed" class, but because the landlord probably saw bull in the Bullmastiff's name they decided it wasn't allowed. :( All mastiffs are just big babies usually, it's sad that people are so uneducated.

  2. Joanne B says

    I am pretty sure your appartment won't allow any of them since they are really large dogs, with the bull bieng the smallest of them.
    A bullmastiff is reportedly a cross between an old english bulldog and english mastiff. A french mastiff is often called a Neapolitan mastiff and would be the "middle" in size. The english mastiff is by far the largest. The mastiffs are very sweet natured even though they were originally bread to be guard dogs. They are not your average house pet since they usually range from over 100 to over 200 lbs and can be big drewlers. I have two bulls and two neos.

  3. RubYy BabeYy ~&heart says


    French Mastiff: http://www.pups4sale.com.au/dogue_de_bordeaux_05a

    *there's a reason why i didnt post a picture of the English Mastiff and i'll get to it soon.

    Bullmastiff's are working dogs. the males can be up to 27 inches at the withers and weigh 110-130 lbs. females can be up to 26 inches at the withers and weigh 100-120 lbs. they are fairly large dogs and their job was to warn their gamekeeper of poachers and, if necessary, throw and hold the intruder but not harm it. the origin of this dog was created by mixing a Bulldog with a Mastiff. this breed is powerful and compact. the Bullmastiff makes a loyal family pet and a superb guard dog. these dogs have been known to do well as apartment dwellers but are really house and garden types.

    English Mastiff's ARE Billmastiff's so you only named 2 dogs here.

    and the French Mastiff is also known as the Dogue de Bordeaux. they're miscellaneous dogs and can be used for anything (ie. working, herding, companion, guarding, sporting, non-sporting, etc. etc). either gender can be up to 27 inches at the withers and can weigh up to 100 lbs. although the Dogue de Bordeaux has a forbidding look, the dogs desire for attention and affection is intense! it's somewhat leery of strangers and may be aggressive toward strange dogs, but it gets along well with children and makes a loving family pet with a calm, tranquil disposition. the Dogue de Bordeaux's origin is not known, but it's likely that the Mastiff and Bulldog each played a part in its development. the breed was once used as a fighting dog, challenging bulls, bears and other dogs. the Dogue is powerful and massive, but surprisingly athletic and quick. a large, expressive head characterizes this breed, and as with most dogs that were once bred for fighting, the Dogue de Bordeaux has a powerful jaw. this breed is built low to the ground, but is well balanced.

    so really, the only difference is weight, because these two breeds are basicall the same height.

    but yeah, Bullmastiffs and English Mastiffs are the same breed of dog.


  4. Jasmine says

    Some people considered Bullmastiff a bully breed. They put them in the "aggressive" category. They're banned in a few cities. English mastiff or simply "mastiff" are much bigger in size. Dogue De Bordeaux (french mastiff) is the one you see in Turner & Hooch. Bigger than Bullmastiff but not as big as Mastiff. They're all great dogs. I have 2 Bullmastiffs.

  5. *~amy~* says

    Remember that there will be some variation in the description of a Mastiff, but all are similar in size and shape. There is no mistaking Mastiffs as a large breed dog that weighs between 120-200 pounds. Although the hair color and length will change depending on the type of Mastiff, almost all are shorthaired and are available in colors ranging from brown, red, brindle to black. The muzzle will almost always be short, wide and black in color, framed with short, floppy ears and a long, thin tail.

    There are many different varieties of the Mastiff. Many were originally different breeds of dog that were at one point crossed to create different versions of the Mastiff. These varieties include the English, Bull, Neapolitan, French and Tibetan, with the most popular varieties being Bull and English. The Bull is especially predominant throughout North America.

    The largest of the breed is the English version, sometimes weighing over 200 pounds. The only major difference between the Bull and English Mastiff is that the English will look considerably stockier and may be upwards of 30 inches tall, while the Bull is usually no taller than 27 inches. There is debate over which of the two is the original Mastiff, but most breeders will consider the English Mastiff the original breed. Another major difference between the English and Bull is that the Bull Mastiff has an extremely powerful head that is wide and a more sleek and muscular body.

    Neapolitan Mastiff dogs are wrinklier, with the entire body full of wrinkles, including the muzzle, the neck, chest, and through the legs and underbelly. Keep in mind that while this type of Mastiff might look significantly smaller than the Bull or English, the weight is simply distributed different, as the Neapolitan is significantly shorter than the Bull or English.

    The French Mastiff, also known as the Dogue de Bordeaux or the Bordeaux Bulldog by the French, will only weigh around 140 pounds and will be significantly shorter and stockier. The French looks significantly different because of a much wider head that may resemble a mixture of a Mastiff and a Rottweiler, at least in width. As well, the French muzzle may be a solid red, as most French Mastiffs are a solid red color, making the French red from head to toe.

    You may not immediately recognize the Tibetan Mastiff as fitting with the breed, because it looks very different from the others. Instead of a short coat, it has a medium to long double coat of fur that is available in a variety of different colors, but not usually singular in color. This breed also has a longer muzzle that is more rounded and narrow than the other Mastiffs.

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