What is the best remedy for ear infection for my shar pei dog?

schubert: what is the best remedy for ear infection for my shar pei?
I think it is a yeast infection.

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Answer by nurseratchet23@sbcglobal.net
Antibiotic drops from your vet. For your dog’s sake, don’t do a home remedy.

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  1. smilingmick says

    I had a sharpei, I loved him dearly. He got many ear infections.
    It those darn folded ears. You need to get the black/brown stuff out of his ears that you can see… gently use a q-tip to clean out the outside part of the ear that you can see. Do not dig in at all with the q-tip as it will make the ear infection worse.
    My vet told me I could use the over the counter antibiotic ear drops that humans use. (My vet is excellent and told me this after the first visit with Hooch my dog with his bad ear aches)
    I found this worked nicely especially when he would tilt his head at the first sign of ear ache. If it is a really bad infection his ear will stink and you will need to get him something stronger from the vet.

    Good luck

  2. surroundedbyidiots says

    If you care about your dog then you should take it to the vet! I'm a vet tech and doing any home remedies without knowing what (which kind of bacteria) is causing the infection can do more harm than good.

  3. Angela T says

    get a cleaning solution from the vet and alternate – one day use the vets solution and on the next day use Listerine and then go back and forth between the two and within 7 to 10 days both ears should be immaculate and clean smelling – most Chinese Shar Pei end up with two different types of bacteria in their ears and the vets cleaner only kills one type and the Listerine should kill the other type – after several years of frustration – this is the solution that allowed me to clear up my Shar Peis ears for once and for all times – never had a problem again with their ears – Good Luck

  4. Cinnamon says

    Do not do any home remedies since they can actually do more harm than good, especially if you don't know what you're treating in the first place. You need to take the dog to the vet asap since they are the only ones who can diagnose it properly.

  5. tiffany a says

    besides getting antibiotics at the vet you can go to the pet store they sell an ear powder that reduces inflamation for infections and mites. it will make the animal feal better until you can get it the proper care antibiotics or antibiotic drops are really the only remedy

  6. K M says

    You can put peroxide in the ear until you can see a vet. It is very important to get proper veterinary care as long term fungal ear infections can cause permanent hearing loss.

  7. tejas_yuki says

    You need to keep the ears clean (with ear cleaner, not alcohol or peroxide) and DRY. If it is a repeated ear infection, it could very well be allergies. Make sure a vet checks the ears and you get a proper dx, then it's all about maintenance. If it is due to allergies, sometimes it can be tough finding what is causing it and then correcting it. Good luck. Food allergies are not fun.

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